American Horror Story: Coven – 3×07 The Dead – by R.

A metà stagione l’evoluzione dei personaggi di American Horror Story si delinea più decisivamente, indirizzando con maggior chiarezza le relative storyline. Ormai le carte sono quasi del tutto scoperte e ognuno deve iniziare a scegliere che ruolo avere nel futuro della congrega. E fra le protagoniste, Zoe ha preso seriamente il via e ora sarà difficile fermarla.

Revenge – 3×05 Control – by R.

The titles of the episodes of Revenge are always respectful of the spirit of the episode and this aspect this time besides being true again, She also has perfect timing. The fifth episode, entitled "Control", aims exactly to remedy what I had pointed out in the previous post, that everything was going wrong.

The Walking Dead – 4×11 Claimed – by R.

We hardly saw smiles from the characters of The Walking Dead; and can you blame him, as far as one can have hope, look at that fight for survival that has become their life elicits anything but smiles. Yet every now and then gave us even a few moments of serenity, derived mainly from having one another. But here comes the exception: Sgt Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz), smiling while kills the walkers – rather coarsely, Lizzie proved more capable of giving final shots.

Best couple of TV series – Part 1- by R. and S.

One of the many positives of serial fiction is the ability to follow the history and evolution of the characters; While with the movies we have to settle to live only a few hours in the company of the protagonists, giving up the opportunity to know the before and after of their stories, with the tv series we can assist (and participate), week after week, the birth and growth of the relationship between characters. In the case of love stories, the resulting emotional involvement can cause serious side effects (yelling at the screen if he kisses her wrong is just one of the symptoms […]

Revenge – 3×04 Mercy – by R.

Evidently the authors want to get us on the day of the fateful Yes with doubts and concerns, changing log considerably compared to what we were used to in the early seasons. Because it is true that even then there were bottlenecks, but the intermediate objectives were almost always achieved, increasing confidence for the final goal. Now, everything that can go wrong, He's actually going wrong.