Once Upon A Time – 3×01 The Heart of the Truest Believer – by R.

Who da piccolo has loved Peter Pan? We memorized the simple directions to Neverland, dreaming of getting there, but now Once Upon A Time we find out that maybe it's better to stay away from. Peter Pan (Robbie Kay) is reinterpretao in dark version, a kid ready for misled, who kidnaps children and steals the shadow to adults – which has the same effect as Queen (Lana Parilla) do you tear your heart out.

The Following – 2×10 Teacher's Pet – by S.

Definitively abandoned Edgar Allan Poe, Carroll now, at the head of his new army of fanatics, sowing terror in New York by quoting and paraphrasing nothing less than the Bible: a group of faithful kills people chosen more or less at random by the motto of “no redemption without blood“. And that's Joe back in action.

Revenge – 3×09 Surrender – by R.

"The Bitch is back! Purtroppo! If there is an upstart, unbearable and treacherous of Victoria is Lydia Davis. The list of his baseness would envy to the worst of each antagonistic telenovela: former Secretary of David Clarke, sold to Grayson for a place among the people of the Hamptons; loving husband of her best friend Victoria – I emphasise that Lydia was married; last but not least, abandons Conrad when the secret on the affaire David Clarke is about to be unmasked.

The Walking Dead – 4×15 Us – by R.

Do not know about you, but I find it disturbing Terminus, from the woman who greeted the first arrivals. I mean "Sanctuary for All, community for all "and there is only her, Mary (Denise Crosby)? A deathly silence, which is almost regret the verses of walkers that surrounded the prison; a parte Mary, you do not see and do not hear anyone, the only signs of life are the plants well-maintained - even the garden Rick was so lush - and I wonder that fertilizer use.