Revenge – 3×14 Payback – by R.

The thirteenth episode of Revenge was the midseason finale in airing USA, then the cliffhanger with which it had concluded were perfect to keep waiting; Luckily we only had to wait a week to be at the head of great doubt: Emily is really went to bed with Conrad?

Once Upon A Time – 3×05 Good Form – by R.

The kiss is finished. Was in the air from their first meeting, but the subsequent plots had prevented their history could take seriously the way. And’ served a good-hearted Act by Hook because Emma is finally let go, even taking the initiative. The fact that the hostility of Miss Swan hid a strong attraction to Hook it was apparent, but the return of Neal and certainly not commendable acts performed by the captain during the second season, a slow path was inevitable.

Game of Thrones – 4×03 Breaker of Chains – by R. and S.

Game of Thrones starts from where we had left with a hysterical Cersei and desperate shouting of arresting the brother for the murder of Joffrey. An episode in which the majority of the characters finds himself having to deal in different ways with the death of the King. The mother is the only truly sad for the loss of son, all the others, Although upset by the incident, they must think that it is only good.

The Following – 2×14 Silence – by S.

Beautiful episode this week, rich in events and, above, unexpected twists (all concentrated in the last ten minutes). It is also very funny that Joe has chosen a pretty classic and serious message for his holy war (prove that God does not exist, because it's still an intellectual), but instead of sitting down and discussing science and religion with industry experts, It forces people to accoltellarsi each other and maybe does blow a church. Why not?

Revenge – 3×13 Hatred – by R.

WTF?! This immediate comment, spontaneous and succinctly at the end of the thirteenth episode of Revenge. A few minutes if you reveal reality would bring down any confidence always nourished in Emily. Because anything goes – including fit Daniel with a pretend pregnancy – but going to bed with Conrad NO!

Grey’s Anatomy – 10×20 Go It Alone – by S.

While it is true that, as Meredith, “surgery is just act”, è anche vero che, Despite being a surgeon, You can't do it alone, You'll still need your person. The episode recounts (among other things) the balance between these two needs, and it does so through the friendship of Cristina and Meredith, as usual paradigm of all relations between BFFs since the dawn of the universe.

Once Upon A Time – 3×04 Nasty Habits – by R.

Once Upon A Time there has already taught us that the character of a fairy tale can have more than one identity, Rumplestiltskin is the most representative example: is the beast in beauty and the beast, the crocodile that has deprived hand Hook, the Dark One. With all these roles is strange that does not suffer any personality disorder. The flashbacks about his life we always reveal a new identity or truth that could have major consequences on the ongoing events.