Revenge – 3×18 Blood – by R.

I had concluded the previous post hoping for a definitive solution to the doubts of the protagonist's heart. And even if I accepted the worst option in favor of a more peaceful vision, I did not want the reinforcement of a couple and the deterioration of another.

100 Post! – by R. and S.

Following the traditional custom of every tv series that crosses the finish line of the 100 episodi, Series’ Anatomy celebrates the 100 post with a themed cake! If you have viewers who make the success of a series, are readers who do what a blog: Thanks for reading our first 100 articles!

I 20 best moments of Cristina Yang – by R. and S.

Cristina Yang. Cynical, ambitious, sarcastic. Presented as a character able to arouse antipathy, but proved un'antipatica we learned immediately to worship. The best friend that every one would like to have at his side, able to make you smile even when you discover that your he is married; the companion who does not abandon you even in the darkest crisis, including an attempt to strangulation; the doctor who knows repair the Black Mamba. In 10 years we have witnessed the growth of graduate super competitive at heart surgeon exceptional, between love, dramas and many laughs we have caught even in the most […]

We have to go back (to the LOST island)

As any fan of LOST that respect our life is divided between Forward LOST and After LOST, because the J series. (J). Abrams did not alter just the way to follow a show, but marked a change in the lives of all his loyal viewer. And then we couldn't fail to celebrate the fourth anniversary of The End, which of course we followed world live, standing up to 6 in the morning. An indelible moment! And now our best moments of LOST, Bearing in mind that it is a very painful selection!

Game Of Thrones – 4×07 Mockingbird – by R. and S.

The seventh episode of Game of Thrones is always an important point of the season because it lays the decisive prerequisites for the evolution of recent events. The first was the betrayal of Petyr Baelish against Ned, in the second the alleged killing of Bran and Rickon by Theon, in the third he laid out the groundwork for the next Red Wedding. And once again we are witnessing not only the umpteenth twist by the scheming of Littlefinger, but above all the development of trial by combat by Tyrion.

Revenge – 3×17 Addiction – by R.

The fact that they are women in directing the fortunes of the Hamptons is established: in the front row or backstage nothing happens without the consent of at least one of Revenge. Men can also manage large companies, but in fact the smoke should be in business if wives or girlfriends there were hand. If in Desperate Housewives the women's intervention was its scope in dinners, Here we party, charity events and the old – but still chic – meeting with tea and biscuits.