Once Upon A Time – 3×14 The Tower – by R.

Fear is the leitmotif of this episode, available in a variety of meanings ranging from classic fear of fairy tales (the evil witch) the most common that can affect anyone of us when we are faced with major changes (fear of ourselves). To guide us in this location is Charming, the protagonist is the storyline in the Enchanted Forest in Storybrooke.

True Blood – 7×01 Jesus Gonna Be Here " (Season Premiere) – by S.

Sunday 22 June Louisiana vampires are back on our screens with a premiere by discrete listening (4 million viewers during the first airing, 5,8 million including replicas: figures broadly in line with those of last year); This first episode sets the tone and atmosphere of the seventh and final season: a darker tone and an almost apocalyptic atmosphere, overall a scenario much more negative and serious than those to which we were accustomed to True Blood.

Revenge – 3×22 Execution (Season Finale) – by R.

OMG! Revenge greets us with a finale full of twists, fully repays the us expecting 3 years to reach the showdown between Amanda Clarke and Victoria Grayson. 40 minutes without stopping, where districhiamo between traps, revelations, unexpected deaths, without that nothing we prepare the shocking twist in the last minutes, destined to forever change the fate of the series.

24: Live Another Day – Day 9 – EP. 03 – 1 p. m. – 2 p. m. – by R.

Jack Bauer has accustomed us to not have a moment of time and in this installment is the protagonist of two chases, the first as "Hunter" of eclectic Simone, the second as "prey" of the unstoppable Kate Morgan. And while the latter leads to a conclusion of turbulent episode, the one that sees him move from side to side in London between cars and metro, ends in nothing from the point of view of mission, but in a profound moment between Jack and Chloe.

News, Grey’s Anatomy: Amelia Shepherd remains in Seattle – by S.

Predictably, the sister of Dr. Mcdreamy will make us still company: Caterina Scorsone, that gives the order to Amelia (character played for many years in the spin-off Private Practice), She was promoted to series regular for the eleventh season of Grey's Anatomy, as announced Retrieved. The Shepherdess, How was sometimes dubbed the at the end of last season, occurred in Seattle just in time for the departure of Christina, the event will span multiple screen time. Between Amelia and her daughter to Webber's surprise, Meredith finds herself a family larger than they would have thought!

Game Of Thrones – 4×10 The Children (Season Finale) – by R. and S.

Game of Thrones greets us with a season finale from 66 minutes, where we review for a final time almost all the protagonists. And as promised this is a high-level bet that each storyline is decisive and overwhelming progress. Apart from what happens at the barrier, the trait d'union is represented by Children of the title, several children who take new paths away from parents too so traumatic.

Revenge – 3×21 Impetus – by R.

"Revenge is yours", finally! After three seasons of suffering, anger and disappointments, Emily scored the first part of his revenge. The expression of Amanda Clarke is worth more than any words, We have not ever seen so: tears in his eyes and that smile sincere that almost struggling to emerge send relief, the satisfaction and disbelief for having returned dignity to the father.

24: Live Another Day – Day 9: 12 p. m. – 1 p. m – by R.

The Dream Team-Chloe Jack back in action and if it were not for the intervention of the CIA agents would be immediately successful. Proving the perfect collaborative chemistry between the two, Everything flows as smoothly in a game tried several times – the world mode is on, Football comparisons are required – as if these 4 years of separation had not affected anything.