Once Upon A Time – Season 3 Finale×21-22 Snow Drifts|There's No Place Like Home – by R.

And’ a double episode to close the third season of "Once Upon A Time with a story that, While taking off from the end of the last – activation of the portal after the death of Zelena – is autonomous, being focused on the journey into the past of Emma and Hook, catapulted into the Enchanted Forest in the moments immediately preceding the unforgettable first encounter between Snow and Charming. I must admit to not being a big fan of time travel, with characters in the dark about things they should know is always quite frustrating. However the first scenes make it clear the meaning and the need for this […]

News: The Big Bang Theory, the new season at risk of postponement – by R. and S.

The production of The Big Bang Theory, that was supposed to start today, was officially postponed (for now only a day) due to the non-renewal of the contract of five original cast members. Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, indeed, Although represented by different agencies and, recently, from several law firms, contract as a United Front demanding a raise from the current $ 300.000 adjusted dollars per episode to one million per episode (the same figure applied for and obtained, in his time, the cast of Friends). Undergoing renovations with a request to increase […]

The Leftovers – 1×04 B.J. and the A.C. – by R.

Dopo un incipit di episodio che mi ha fatto pensare di aver sbagliato programma e di essere capitata su How It’s Made, scopro che anche a Mapleton arriva il Natale. Questa festa con le sue luci, i suoi addobbi e i suoi auguri riesce a imporsi pure lì dove regna la tristezza e nessuno va più in Chiesa – che ormai hanno perso; forse perché gli infonde speranza di riuscire ancora a trovare una risposta a quell’evento inspiegabile o perché è una festività che trascende ogni cosa, il Natale riesce a far sì che anche gli abitanti di Mapleton si dedichino […]

News: first trailer for the fifth season of The Walking Dead – by R.

The first official trailer of the fifth season of The Walking Dead is finally here, distributed by AMC at this year 2014 the Comic Con. If the Season Finale had left us with a cliffhanger high-tension, These first images don't disappoint expectations, Indeed the scene suggests that this new season will be even stronger than the previous. If you don't want spoilers don't watch the trailer and not continue reading because important advances are not lacking.

Once Upon A Time – 3×20 Kansas – by R.

With the onset of labor of Snow it is inevitable that you reach the showdown with Zelena, in a final battle that sees rightly contrasted the two sisters. According to the setting of the earlier episodes seemed now that confrontation occurs between the Wicked Witch, the most powerful witch on dark magic, and Emma, bringer of light magic as the fruit of true love; but this idea did not end I like you: It all began with envy of Zelena for Queen, What on earth does Emma?!