True Blood – 7×10 Thank You (Series Finale) – by S.

After seven years of airing, Sunday 24 August was broadcast the finale of True Blood, and as all final sparked great controversy among fans; There have been many accusations to authors, But despite a few bumps here and there I don't think it was possible to do better or that the story could end very differently, at least not without losing consistency.

The Leftovers – 1×06 Guest – by R.

A second episode focuses on a single character, a second episode more interesting of others, in fact I continued to check how much was missing at the end. The protagonist is the most unfortunate and pitied Township of Mapleton, Nora Durst, whose visiting New York becomes an opportunity to make a change in his life from the day of Rapture.

True Blood – 7×07 May Be The Last Time – by S.

In the last episodes of the latter season True Blood finds the perfect balance between all its distinguishing features: In addition to an unusual introspection and reflection on death, New this year, We find indeed the typical sex scenes (thank you, Arlene) and the typical comic moments almost ridiculous, all accompanied by a rich selection of old characters and references to past, to continue that “back to basics” that the season has focused from the very first episode.

24: Live Another Day – Day 9 – EP. 12 Season Finale – 10 p. m. – 11 a. m. – by R.

One of the things that has always struck me of season finals 24 is that in an hour can do the impossible: the minutes pass and you feel that there is no longer, instead Jack in seconds saves the world. And in this final is no less, Indeed beats every record in preventing World War III in less than fifty minutes. 24 He greets us with an episode that mixes all the best ingredients to which we have become accustomed in nine seasons: missions with a high level of tension, showdowns, tragedies, plot twists and the definitive […]

News: The Big Bang Theory, agreement found – by R. and S.

Our prayers have been answered. Tv Line has recently reported that Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting have agreed to the new millionaires contracts, whose difficult negotiations had led to the postponement of the start of the new season. Now the call takes only Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar, but after the signing of the other three players in their won't be coming. The contracts will prove their value to the trio a million dollars to episode for the next three years; which means we can get peace of mind, Sheldon&Co. We keep you company until at least 2017!

The Leftovers – 1×05 Gladys – by R.

The Leftovers arriva a metà stagione con un incipit di episodio molto promettente, una scena brutale che lascia presagire interessanti sviluppi; peccato che questo duri solo per i primi dieci minuti, dopo riprendono le sparizioni misteriose, le frasi criptiche, gli irritanti silenzi.

News: Once Upon A Time, from Comic Con previews on new season – by R.

Awake, Arise or Be Forever Frozen. This phrase accompanies the teaser trailer that gathers highlights of season three of "Once Upon A Time. The complete cast – even the new mom Ginnifer Goodwin albeit via video message – is participating at Comic Con in San Diego, where under the guidance of Yvette Nicole Brown actors and the two originators, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, answer questions of the lucky fans in attendance, giving away important advances on next season, described in detail from the ABC site.