News, Revenge: toward the series finale?

A few hours after the airing of the series premiere TV Guide meets Emily VanCamp and James Tupper who share interesting comments at the end of the third season and how they hope will end the series. Although there are still some rumors claim that the fourth confirmations may be the last year that we will spend in the Hamptons.

News, Modern Family: Sarah Hyland, restraining order against ex

Bad experience for Sarah Hyland, Hailey of Modern Family: as reported by TMZ, Sarah asked and obtained a restraining order against the former boyfriend Matt Prokop (left in August after a five-year relationship) for trying to strangle her, having pushed and threatened. Julie Bowen, tv-mom of Sarah, helped her get out of this bad relationship. Obviously, Sarah goes to all our support.

LOST, 10 years from the pilot

If in May we celebrated the fourth anniversary of the historic final, Today it falls another important anniversary: il 22 September 2004 aired the pilot for LOST, and that was the day that changed television history, on the day he officially seriality an artwork.

Stagione TV 2014/2015: quali serie ci aspettano – by R. and S.

The most beautiful thing of autumn is undoubtedly the start of the new tv season: Although some help resist summer series, the real tv addicts return to live only when the program is in its full splendor. Let us prepare ourselves to better, then, with a rundown of what awaits us in the coming weeks, What we cannot lose and what we can also do without: the tv Series Guide’ Anatomy.

I 36 best moments of True Blood – Part 1 – by S.

True Blood ended and left us to face the fall without the hope of reviewing vampires of Louisiana next summer; to console us and grieve, What's better than a roundup of the most unforgettable moments lived in Bon Temps? Since this is True Blood, “unforgettable” includes a spectrum of scenes ranging from the ridiculous to the disgusting to the absurd, but then, that was nice!

News: Revenge, extended promo for the fourth season – by R.

Revenge will be back on American screens Sunday 28 September, the wait is very high and yesterday's ABC issued finally the first extended promo. The finale of the third season gave a twist to life in the Hamptons, and we understand that the situation that lies ahead is reversed compared to the past: the voice-over is always a retaliator, but this time it's Victoria Grayson. The woman then is already out of the mental institution and this does not seem to have harmed the strength that has always distinguished. In fact it will probably be even more ruthless. Non ci sono […]

The Leftovers – Season Finale – 1×10 The Prodigal Son Returns – by R.

Inesorabilmente è arrivato il finale della prima stagione di The Leftovers, pienamente rispettoso della sensazione emersa nelle ultime puntate, ossia che la serie abbia finalmente ingranato, con ritmi più sostenuti e una maggior chiarezza del quadro. Non tutte le domande hanno trovato risposta, nuove ne sono emerse, ma questo, insieme al dramma, è un ingrediente fondamentale dello show.

The Leftovers – 1×09 The Garveys at Their Best – by R.

Just an hour from the finale of the first season, The Leftovers gives us a wonderful flashback episode, Perhaps the best of these early in the company of the inhabitants of Mapleton. After the events of "Cairo" was almost a necessity with a bet to regain your breath. Not too much though, because it shows how proceeded family life twenty-four hours before Garvey in Rapture, between an apparent happiness, latent disagreements and our awareness of the change that was about to hit Kevin and the other inhabitants.