Grey’s Anatomy – 11×05 Bend & Break – by S.

Un episodio tutto Calzona-centrico, e già questo pensiero mi metteva ansia; dopo le meraviglie della scorsa settimana, non tolleravo l’idea di affrontare, sviscerare e analizzare l’ennesima crisi coniugale di Callie e Arizona. E invece, come sempre, Shonda riesce a calarci nelle menti dei suoi personaggi, illuminando pensieri e sfumature prima rimasti nascosti.

News, Grey’s Anatomy: more Maggie and more bets

Week of official announcements for Grey's Anatomy: as reported by TVLine, the actress Kelly McCreary was promoted to series regular, confirming what everyone expected, namely that its storyline will have some significance. Another news is bringer of joy, instead, by ABC, She ordered two additional episodes of the show: the eleventh season will thus be composed of 24 episodes instead of 22 originally planned.

The Walking Dead – 5×02 Strangers – by R.

A relatively peaceful episode, at least until the final ten minutes that have seen a succession of high-voltage events. Not that before it was a walk to health; just that atmosphere of apparent calm and found (momentary) serenity did fear that to come true as Rick kept saying to Carl "You're not safe. "It only takes one second. One second and it's over ", keeping us constantly on the alert and confirm that the road of suspicion is always the right one.

The Walking Dead – 5×01 No Sanctuary (Season Premiere) – by R.

The Walking Dead is finally back, After waiting for months and months, seemed even longer for the exciting and scary cliffhanger. And it's a return with a bang, in all directions; the season premiere of season five in fact, In addition to staging an explosion that frees us of that terrifying shrine to Terminus in minutes, on AMC gets well 17.3 million viewers, becoming the most watched episode of the series.