Sleepy Hollow – 2×03 Root of All Evil – by R.

More introspection and less action in this episode of Sleepy Hollow, played on the emotional conflicts of all the characters, in spite of the fighting Knights. Everything revolves around a magical coin (none other than one of the pieces of silver Judas), pushing the betrayal, or rather brings out the darkness that is within each of us, Although hidden deep.

The Walking Dead – 5×07 Crossed – by R.

Dopo 3 episodes focusing on the few characters, The Walking Dead resumes the ranks of all the in-game storyline, showing us a little’ of all, even those of which I did not, i.e. the renamed GREATM. A dispersion of the characters reminiscent of the post-prison (removing the MAGO from that period) keep up with everyone already is not simple, Why tediarci with the unnecessary scene of Glenn&Co.?

Sleepy Hollow – 2×02 The Kindred – by R.

The little Jeremy Crane had taught us: If you can't fight alone, created a monster friend to do it for you; and his adult version replicates the story with that sort of avatar on horseback. But now even the dad makes his monster staff, the "Kindred", a pile of corpses with the head of the Headless Horseman, the only being able to counteract the latter.

The Walking Dead – 5×06 Consumed – by R.

Carol is the absolute protagonist in this episode; We have already repeatedly to emphasize his incredible evolution, but this time it herself to admit that the woman known in the first season no longer exists, burned; as well as the real one has burned herself that had got to become the prison.