Game of Thrones – 5×07 The Gift – Review by R. and S.

An episode in the course slower than usual, that seemed not to give any satisfaction to viewers always eager to plot twists; but it's still of Game of Thrones that it is, and in fact in the last minute here's succession two incidents that repay of outstanding ’: the ’ meeting between Tyrion and Daenerys and Nigel Mansell departed at Cersei believed untouchable.

The Following – 3×14 Dead Or Alive – 3×15 The Reckoning (Series Finale) – Review by S.

After three seasons as a see-saw, The Following è giunto al termine: the two previous finals in season they both had a certain sense of closure, but the renewal of the series allowed him to continue to develop the plot; Ironically, now that the show has been cleared we had an ending that you can not open, an ending that leaves us with the unattainable desire for a fourth season.

Game of Thrones – 5×05 Kill the Boy – Review by R. and S.

One episode away from King's Landing and ’ by Lannister (except Tyrion), the scenes alternate between the Northwest Territories and those of Oriental city. Beyond the winter ’ on one side and the fire of dragons from other ’, in those places the climate becomes increasingly hot: between the battle and the next upcoming weddings are about decisive developments that could indeed mark the fate of Seven Kingdoms.