Grey’s Anatomy – by S.

Meredith Grey and his colleagues, ambitious residents of surgery, facing their first day of work at the Seattle Grace Hospital and since then their lives are made of determination, unlikely medical cases to solve and, above, friendships and loves in the hallways of the hospital. Define “medical drama” It would be an understatement: This is a series in which the medicine is used mostly by metaphor for those life experiences that all, prima o poi, We face.

True Detective – 2×02 Night Finds You – Review by R.

"Some people can t handle ’ the deep trip (...) In my day, you understand, It was about consciousness expansion, tracing the unseen web ", so the Mayor of Vinci, Austin Chessani, talk about the disappointment of her son Frank, but maybe it's a description that also fits the four protagonists of the season. Each of them has its own – contrasting – interest (hours or less) in the management of the ’ investigation of Caspere, but at the same time Frank, Ray, Paul and Ani are United by ’ be too taken to hide behind a mask those personal conflicts, who doesn't want to know and then let alone […]

True Detective – 2×01 The Western Book of the Dead (Season Premiere) – Review by R.

The second season of True Detective and began, Although the premiere proceeds rather slowly and with a little’ of confusion, can't say I have not appreciated. The core case of investigations puts us well 60 minutes to arrive, remaining in the background for the whole episode ’, but Nic Pizzolatto at that time presents us with the protagonists of this new anthology, with their lives fought between the ’ public appearance and the harsh private truths.

Macchianera Italian Awards 2015

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