Buffy The Vampire Slayer – by R.

Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is a young high school girl just moved to the small town of Sunnydale, expelled from previous school for having started a fire in the gym; in its justification l ’ the building was full of vampires. Buffy is not a girl like any other, is the Slayer, the chosen generation to fight vampires, demons and every other kind of monsters. But it's also the one who breaks the rules are typical of its role, by being in various missions to accompany a loyal group of friends (the Scooby Gang) and a damned vampire.

True Detective – 2×05 Other Lives – Review by R.

"Other Lives" introduces us in the second half of the season, with a small jump in the time it takes us to 66 days away from the shootout that ended the fourth episode. For media and institutions Caspere the case is now closed, the responsibility is attributed to the Mexican band, the bigwigs of Vinci remained at their posts and the Attorney General was nominated for Governor. And our three survivors?

Bones and Sleepy Hollow: crossover in vista – News

Unexpected news for fans of Bones and Sleepy Hollow: as announced Retrieved, is a crossover between the two series for the television season 2015/2016. For now, FOX maintains secrecy about the characters involved and, above, on crossover mode: the universes of the two series, indeed, are radically different, which increases the curiosity around this event. Both Bones that Sleepy Hollow aired the return October 1, one for the ’ and the other ’ 11 for the third season. Meanwhile, the cast of the series starring Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills, you add the ’ actress Nikki Reed: the interpreter of the ’ saga […]