The Walking Dead – 6×03 Thank You – Review by R.

If one of the players remains in trend on Twitter for full day ’, you realize that something really big happened. What happened, however, has exceeded my every expectation. "Thank You" is an episode in which death is around the corner for all ’, This is clear from the minutes. And for the first time in a long time at the hands of walkers, What makes l ’ goodbye to a possible character in unpredictable ways, as well as brutal and disgusting.

The Walking Dead – 6×02 JSS – Review by R.

An ordinary day in Alexandria, of those who themselves flipping you don't know of being faced with a new episode of The Walking Dead. Unless some reference here and there – on all the request of Father Gabriel of lessons with the machete to Carl – jealousies among adolescents, discussions about what to grow and exchanges of recipes would almost think Desperate Housewives with Carol instead of Bree Van de Kamp.