The most read post of 2015

We keep alive our tradition of offering, at the end of the year, l ’ list of posts that more you read and clicked during the ’ year. And if in the 2014 Grey s Anatomy ’ reigned supreme over all other series, This year ’ had to give up his Scepter; but don't we reveal the surprise, see the leaderboard to find out who won the title of the most-read posts 2015!

Homeland – 5×07 Oriole – Review by R.

If there's one thing we've learned with Homeland and 24 is that we can't trust anyone. The Mole can hide behind anyone, all ’ lover, to colleague, even the President of the United States. Surprisingly, in a climate of general suspicion, Carrie and Saul trust so easily, Obviously with the traitor on duty. Not that they're not careful, take the necessary precautions, but in times of need let themselves be fooled by a supposed long-term trust.

The Walking Dead – 6×08 Start to Finish (Mid-Season Finale) – Review by R.

The Mid-Season finale of The Walking Dead has arrived again this year and perhaps more than in the past that "already" pretty heavy. To make this episode worthy of Mid-Season to which we were accustomed c ’ were all, After watching the general feeling remains some dissatisfaction, We could do something more. The cliffhanger to leave too much in abeyance, with the credits that burst in the middle of a high-voltage action ’; While the post credits scene is probably the most interesting and promising of the episode.