The X-Files – 10×06 My Struggle II (Final) – Review by R.

The miniseries of The X-Files has come to an end. We knew it was going to an event and as such intended for a definitive conclusion, not a one night stand, but almost. Chris Carter is clearly not d ’ agreement and pledged to challenge FOX to renew the series for that which in fact would be its 11th season. The final was in fact closed with a cliffhanger before which the scenes post credits for X-Men that anticipate the next film appear more conclusive.

The X-Files – 10×05 Babylon – Review by R.

The idea of the conspiracy which uses alien technologies presented in premiere has adapted the mystery at the base of the nine seasons of The X-Files to the current reality. This episode goes even further in today's world by tapping the terrorist issue and addressing issues even provocative on ’ "angry God" of the Bible and the Koran and the profound love and hate that a human being can try.

The Walking Dead – 6×09 No Way Out (Mid-Season Premiere) – Review by R.

The Walking Dead is back and he does explosively, literally and metaphorically speaking, making us forget the doubts and concerns that emerged in the first half of this season. Although there have been some exciting moments even in the eight episodes behind, It was precisely just moments, While the general feeling was that always lacked that bit extra. Glenn version Jon Snow has been l Apex ’: much fuss and shock then resolved trivially.