The Walking Dead – 6×15 East – Review by R.

It promises to be a tough week for us fans of The Walking Dead. Not only will the Season Finale with the coveted and anticipated arrival of Negan, but our emotional stability is put to the test as never before in previous seasons because a final episode so don't you'd never expected. I sent back the final minutes because he believed he had lost a key frame that would change everything; but no, I had not seen bad.

The Walking Dead – 6×13 The Same Boat – Review by R.

The first few minutes they did fear that we would have followed the path that led Maggie and Carol to end prisoner of Saviors, only after reaching the same timeline with which ended the previous episode. Fortunately it wasn't that. Chronologically we move forward and although the episode is focused solely on Maggie and Carol, the two women did not make for nothing regret their fellow men. The contributed to that effect also comes from Saviors, in 40 minutes which is inevitable comment praising the Girl Power!

The Walking Dead – 6×12 Not Tomorrow Yet – Review by R.

All heralded a quiet episode, focused on the psychology of the characters, Maybe with some harmless zombies here and there, In short a break before the tour de force that would lead Rick&Co. face to face with l ’ annunciatissimo villain Negan. And in fact this is the feeling that remains for good 25 minutes: many words, many discussions and much preparation. But just when it seems certain that the clash with the Saviors is postponed, the battle begins. Unfortunately for our survivors is only the first.