Game of Thrones – 6×09 Battle of the Bastards – Review by R. and S.

Despite the absolute discretion on any detail on the episode and talent of Game of Thrones for surprise, There are items that, even in these circumstances, We could take for granted: one is the central theme, namely the clash Jon/Ramsay, and the other is the fact that the ninth episode is always the one that GoT gives her best. But this time he overtook Baelor, exceeded Blackwater, exceeded even the battle of Hardhome: blew away all expectations.

Game of Thrones – 6×08 No One – Review by R. and S.

Everything suggests that the next episode will be totally focused on Battle of the Bastards, that's why "No One" pulls the sums of any other storyline. It's not the bet by big moment that we expected, but who more, some less, those in a hurry, who slowly, all the main characters arrive at points of no return that we envisage an intense Season Finale where there won't be allowed to pull the breathing even for a moment.

Game of Thrones – 6×07 The Broken Man – Review by R. and S.

Acronym postponed to open this seventh episode of Game of Thrones. A choice that has definitely taken aback every viewer and that was explained by Director Bryan Cogman with not wanting to reveal through the names of the cast present the reappearance of a character very loved by much of the public. It is on this return – not as unexpected because one of the actors involved had long hinted – that focuses “The Broken Man”, an episode of transition but at the same time reminds us that a Game of Thrones can never lower the […]