Grey’s Anatomy – 13×06 ROAR – Review by S.

Shonda Rhimes is a very cruel person: fills our lives of tragedies and disasters, a mourning after ’ more, and in this way we are so accustomed to despair that when nobody dies in one episode we feel lucky, We feel that all went well. But no, because there are much more subtle but equally effective ways of making us suffer, even when we don't realize it: and that's when we suffer the blow.

The Walking Dead – 7×01 The Day Will Come When You Won t Be ’ (Season Premiere) – Review by R.

It's been over six months since The Walking Dead has left us with that questionable cliffhanger. To want to tease you even more, This year the premiere came with about 10 days later than we were used to the timing. But tonight the victim of Negan was finally revealed and every minute he made straight to reach higher levels at presentation of man as the most evil villain ever.