The Walking Dead – 8×02 The Damned – Review by R.

A video game, This is the episode 8×02 di The Walking Dead. A shooter where to arrive at the finding of a central object or to a destination, you have to shoot down whoever is equal in front of. Generally there you got a map or a compass that will allow you to figure out where you're going and you're able to recognize your potential mates. In this installment no. Indeed, It reinforces the suspicion that the series in General doesn't know where to get, circling around the same things.

The Walking Dead – 8×01 Mercy (Season Premiere) – Review by R.

The return of The Walking Dead marks the achievement of an important milestone for the show at AMC: the series won the episode number 100. Remember when you started looking at it 8 years ago? Had debuted on Halloween night, the first season had only 6 episodes and never imagined that we would arrive at an altitude 8 seasons. A destination that is undoubtedly pleasure, but that poses with greater force the question with which we left in April, how much longer can last?

Once Upon A Time 7 – You open a new book for the season 7 – by R.

Now we, the seventh season of "Once Upon A Time" is about to debut, a whole new season because the adventure of the helper Emma Swan – and that of so many other characters who have accompanied us during these six years – saw its conclusion with the final battle of episodes 6×21-22. Everything in the sixth season seemed to indicate the definitive end of the ABC show, the announcement of the departure of Jennifer Morrison appeared as the final clue before the official news. Instead the producers surprised every fan is being terminated for renewal. But it would have opened a new chapter for OUAT.