24: Live Another Day – Day 9: 11 a. m. – 12 p. m. – by R.


To 4 years by the events of the eighth season, We find the unforgettable Jack Bauer in London, for the first time – if we remove the exception of tv movies 24: Redemption – in a country other than the United States. Dopo 6 seasons at the headquarters of the CTU in Los Angeles, one in New York and a seventh series set in Washington, d.c., the events of this "another day" take away from the base of the British capital CIA, led by the section chief Steve Navarro (Benjamin Bratt).

We left Jack was forced to flee from US, it his delivery to the Russians, and in these years nothing has changed: Bauer continues to be one of the world's most wanted, labeled as a terrorist; a stranger in a strange land, wanted by his own country. In eight series we heard over and over again the successive Presidents with the sentence "This Country owes you a lot", but whenever Jack tried to rebuild their lives away from political intrigue, He was forced to return to the field, sacrificing himself again and people who loved. The words that appeal to the man who is helping him "I don't have any friends" are emblematic: as far as all have life, He is left alone; It was fully aware and accepting it. Even his daughter Kim is a closed chapter: under questioning its values remain unaltered when Navarro appointment and informs him of the new grandson; He understood that the only hope for her to have a normal life is being without the father. Jack Bauer is back and is tougher as we knew, her features are stiffer, the tone of voice more choked, his words barely noticeable. No longer the Jack which indulged to a weeping with rain to vent the stress of the day (3×24) or involve feelings for coworkers. Which leaves the question mark on why he saved Chloe O'Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub) torture of Special Activities. Originally the motive seemed clear: Chloe is the great friend who leaned to the end. But after the words mentioned above it is clear that because it is far: needs your help. And this may have to do with the reason identified by the CIA in its presence in London: the President of US ready to sign an important agreement with the British Government. Especially if we think the President is none other than former Secretary of Defense James Heller (William Devane), He who had turned away with harsh words Jack, because they saw in him the sole cause catatonic state in which fell the daughter, the unbearable Audrey (Kim Raver). Okay that she had gone to China to retrieve Jack, but Bauer's fault if he was abducted and tortured and did the same to her. Also because the whole storyline had originated from Heller as the first target of the terrorists, thing that makes it look a little’ inconsistent not only the fact that man is running for the new occupant of the White House, but mostly he goes again to the daughter in her work, thus involving it again in those power games that had brought to ruin. On the other hand Audrey same appears always in love of politics, having married Mark Boudreau, White House Chief of Staff (Tate Donovan), who wants to get rid of Bauer as soon as possible, intimating that behind the good of the nation under his command is just an excuse – and that is not as clean as it seem. And anyway is already a character quite unbearable. If the mental stability of Audrey was so difficult to recover, Why not let her calm in a completely different environment? This even more so now that the President's position on the use of drones to attack targets certain is strongly criticised worldwide, so much so that only England seems willing to grant him a new military base. And the critics do not have a point about time someone took control of a drone to kill of the American military.

The CIA takes the place a former CTU, but his agents do not appear very awake. The only light of reasoning is given by Kate (Yvonne Strahovski, the former Hannah Dexter), but it is not minimally played recently because she had not noticed that her husband was selling information to the Chinese. A mole in the family or in your circle of trust is a classic twist to 24 (How can we forget Nina Myers in the first season) and if this makes her blindness acceptable, It should be noted that the same Navarro was a friend of her husband, Yet he retains his place as head of section; Whereas this man does not understand how things are even before the evidence, Why is there no problems and she gets fired? In Kate's back a little of that temperament that characterized Jack at the time of CTU: he disobeys orders without thinking (also striking treacherously an agent) If it considers that the route followed is the wrong one; his side lets hope it can lead to antagonism with Jack name of a common goal.

This first episode takes us immediately to the special atmosphere of 24: the reminder that events are narrated in real time, the live feed of the capture of Jack – "Where are we on real-time tracking?" – the American President in a delicate position, unsuspecting moles (the husband of Kate), terrible tortures to popular characters (Chloe). Almost to give us enough time to return to a series hailed 4 years ago, the introductory scene of the arrest of Jack – with a screen divided into several scenes (the show's trademark) – carves out space prior to initial titles, by starting the day at 11:06 a. m. instead of at 11 o'clock. The wait was evidently that of the protagonist, but it does not say Word for ben 30 minutes: half an hour in which however looking at Kiefer Sutherland you can't help but recognize Jack Bauer. Not so much because it's the character that most identified, but because of the marked face, in those scars to the tortures suffered and in that atmosphere perfectly recreated, we cannot fail to see that man indestructible which gave in every sense his life for his country. And despite the latter having turned his back and he is inevitably changed, almost certainly is ready to repeat itself. Welcome back 24! But especially welcome back Jack Bauer!



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