24: Live Another Day – Day 9: 12 p. m. – 1 p. m – by R.


The Dream Team-Chloe Jack back in action and if it were not for the intervention of the CIA agents would be immediately successful. Proving the perfect collaborative chemistry between the two, Everything flows as smoothly in a game tried several times – the world mode is on, Football comparisons are required – as if these 4 years of separation had not affected anything. But one thing is the action on the field, Another is the interpersonal relationship; and this has inevitably blighted. In the previous post we saw how Jack has become harder, now aware of a life devoted to solitude, He knows that anything will ever do “There's no going back for me”. Not even Chloe is no longer the same, well she persecuted by their country both in fact at the time of CTU New York for both his current dissemination of secret information. The O'Brien feels screwed by the system, that same system that should just be grateful to her and Bauer for saving him on multiple occasions. But there are two fundamental differences between the two. First Jack is completely alone, While she has a support group – a team of hackers led by Adrian Cross (Michael Wincott) – having someone help you can always come back and allows her to give value to human relationships – of course everything seen in the perspective of a character unwilling to social relations as its; and in fact in front of the "request for help at gunpoint" by Jack, Chloe claims "You were my friend. If you wanted my help you should've just asked ", in total contrast to what was stated by the man in the first episode. And in the face of these words former CTU agent cannot hide a certain disturbance. The second gap is to change of attitude assumed by the two against the system; Chloe is passed across, as far as deemed to act in the right, He still took a clear contrast to the Government which once defended. Being carjacked by his own Country has sparked in you that reaction that we never saw in Bauer. And we do not see even now. Jack is wanted as a terrorist, but don't stop fighting for his Fatherland nor for individuals who were turned away: the reason for her presence in London is to stop an assassination attempt against James Heller. Not only the assassination of U.s. President on foreign soil would mean war, but Jack still feels the need to atone for the guilt feelings toward the man and his daughter. The hardness acquired over the years has not erased the noble soul of Jack Bauer, is hidden under a thick armour, but it's always there, ready to re-emerge when do I need an hero willing to do anything to reach the goal. Jack, Unlike Chloe, No one who sees in Heller (unfairly) mistreated or symbol of the system that has turned its back on, but "a good man" to whose family he feels in debt.

I can't deny that dislike both Heller, but at the same time I must admit that as a politician James does not stain of sins of many who have followed in different seasons of 24. It still looks like a proper President, acting for the good of his nation and makes the honesty his main instrument. The situation in which it is located is delicate: Besides the chaos drones, starts to lose his memory due to a degenerative disease, that could signal his political debacle if it were to be discovered. As if that wasn't enough his counselors are daughter and son-in-law; Audrey as in the past did not have the courage to admit his relationship with Bauer, now he doesn't have to contradict him; Mark under the guise of preparing it in comparison with the real cruelty of the political world never misses an opportunity to embarrass. Everything is amplified by being in a foreign land: the London scene puts the President in an awkward position, surrounded by those who are waiting to catch him; the press conference or private meeting cannot be the ploy to respond to crises, Here it is to talk in front of other politicians and "These are practiced legislators who want blood", as it reminds him of Mark. This is an important innovation to 24: Live Another Day. In 24 they were always foreign leaders to travel to the US, the President at most moved within their own country, but never beyond its borders; playing at home is always an advantage and Heller should help it.

But let's get to the big twist, that is primarily because the interpreter chosen for the role. Behind the hijacking of drones there is some Margot, that voice is present only in the first few minutes though, observant viewers will be immediately recognized be Michelle Fairley, the Catelyn Stark of Game of Thrones. From Stark to terrorist is a big change, What do think Ned? Solemn speeches are a distant memory. Don't forget to be a mother in mind that gratifies their children: the words "That's my girl. "Come on". Mommy's waiting "are intended for the girl who stabs the head Yates, the creator of drone control device, so mommy can have it without bending to the blackmail money. Other than Sansa! Michelle Fairley has already proven to be a great actress (I was still unexplained as has obtained the Emmy nomination 2013), but it will be interesting to see how it goes down in the role of bad.

24: Live Another Day goes live between pursuits, clashes and first revelations. And especially with a Jack Bauer in top shape. Perhaps even stronger than the past: twice he hunted, but within seconds it gets rid of every opponent without the gunshots in the arm will stop him. Jack and 24 they have not lost their edge, There are other 10 high voltage hours!



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