24: Live Another Day – Day 9 – EP. 03 – 1 p. m. – 2 p. m. – by R.


Jack Bauer has accustomed us to not have a moment of time and in this installment is the protagonist of two chases, the first as "Hunter" of eclectic Simone, the second as "prey" of the unstoppable Kate Morgan. And while the latter leads to a conclusion of turbulent episode, the one that sees him move from side to side in London between cars and metro, ends in nothing from the point of view of mission, but in a profound moment between Jack and Chloe.

The distraction of Chloe, involving the escape unmolested by Simone, is the result of what happened to his family: her husband Morris and Prescott's son were killed in a car accident, whose objective is certain it was her because aware of what had happened to Jack when he was turned away from US. This confession reconciles the two protagonists considerably both as friends who support themselves through complex crisis is mostly because they both know what it feels like to lose someone you love, especially when this happens as an indirect consequence of their actions for a greater good. Jack tried it after the first season – in one of the most exciting cliffhanger memories – her in these four years of darkness. After two episodes in which he tried to maintain a certain coolness towards the former partner of action, Bauer pulls out the other side of himself, the sensitive one which was the real driving force behind every action. "You can't bring back the ones you lost. But you can honor their lives helping others. It's the only way forward ". Protect your country was what year after year caused him to lose all those who loved, but at the same time it was the only possible way to be able to endure the pain, to move forward without that suffering him to self-destruct – the beginning of the second series it is illustrative. For Chloe instead the loss of his family was the catalyst that made you line up against the system that first defended. Jack's words are understandable, but at the same time blaming Chloe is impossible: She has also covered the escape of what is considered a terrorist psycho, But why kill his family (or she)? And who was? The Russians, or even his own Government? This revelation puts the actions of Chloe in a new light and creates a strong parallel between you and Margot. The latter is acting to avenge the death of her husband, a leader of Al Qaeda, was killed by an American drone attack authorized by President Heller. We are faced with two women who have lost those who loved to blame the American Government and who now try to drop it, a spreading confidential information, the other with an attack that could start a war. Margot presents itself as a very strong woman and authoritarian, holding in his hands the management of a family and a dangerous plan at the same time, by combining these two functions with doubts (spying on daughter and son-in-law is a little’ disturbing) to ensure that everything runs without risk. To achieve his goal is willing even to exploit in any way the children: as her husband let her get close to other men to pursue the mission, so the son-in-law must let Simon do the same, Although it is disgusting. This sentence leads inevitably any fan Game of Thrones thinking about the joke of Catelyn Stark during the Red Wedding when tells Lord Bolton that Ned had prevented the custom of putting to bed to spare her the embarrassment: anything male, all other values.

After a second episode where his keenness had been sidelined, Agent Morgan back to shine as heir to the feminine form of Jack Bauer: to hell with the orders of the Chief and the rights of his arrested, to obtain the necessary information you need to be willing to go further. And she does it without hesitation, gaining the respect of the very same agent who until a couple of hours before he wanted to replace it without too many compliments. Navarro on the contrary seems more interested in avoiding political discomfort to investigate. The section chief highlights the risk of worsening diplomatic crisis with American agents involved in a shootout against British civilians: If Basher and his men are criminals, will the British police to deal with it, not the CIA. This situation makes it clear that pointed out in the previous post about the difficulties resulting from being on foreign soil: the u.s. Government cannot act as he pleases, must comply with the local authorities and stay within certain limits.

Notices soon even President Heller, which doesn't make it in time to start his speech that is immediately attacked by Mps. And’ irritating, Although predictable, having to admit that Mark was right. But the Chief Staff of the White House remains terribly ambiguous, reaching its peak with the falsification of the President's signature on the document to deliver Bauer to Russians; It does it in a minute, so fast as to leave the first time suspect that it is not; and thereupon hangs, as if he felt the need to contemplate what has just been done. Mark feels more powerful than what actually is and translates this feeling in concreteness acting behind the scenes and trying to control those around him. And this attitude is the Heller seem to notice than the President – that if you can't personally, tries to persuade his daughter – both with Audrey. In a scene where he realizes that their marriage is not as idyllic as it seems – the answer to his father about how things work is eloquent: a “good” so forced that I almost tried embarrassment for her – Audrey accuses Mark to keep it under a glass Bell, conduct that is no longer justifiable now that his mental condition no longer volatile. For now, father and daughter are convinced that his decision instead to stakeholders is still done in the name of fair, the result of a mere concern, but it will be really so or his control mania hides much more?

The episode ends with Jack forced to shoot at civilians in order to escape the guards, with Kate forthcoming to his capture. Due to clouding of the brain had in the hour before that didn't listen to a word of Jack, Kate and Bauer are still on opposite sides, but the similarities between the two aroused curiosity about what will happen when will deal really – hoping that incapable of Navarro doesn't get in the way. The ending suggests that this may happen in the next hour, but Jack is full of hidden gems and now he is one step away from Heller will not allow anyone to stop him.



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