24 Live Another Day – Day 9 – EP. 04 – 2 p. m. – 3 p. m – by R.


The meeting had called for in the previous post was made in the last minutes of this fourth installment. Kate and Jack are facing each other, but the conflict that had characterized less than two hours before, gives way to a truce, an agreement because the agent Morgan believes the words of Bauer. Kate proves definitively be a notch (or more) above all others should act for the good of the United States of America, but they too easily distracted by political issues, personal, If not by delusions from great men. During the episode the woman doesn't miss anything and I would say that you could recognize that peacefully without her Jack would reach its target peaceful in a couple of hours. Kate is insightful, objective and not influenced by the thoughts of others: What matters are the facts, the evidence and the conviction that she draws. Jack's words compared with what happened in the hours before the lead her to believe that man is identified as a terrorist; and acts according to his opinion, even if this means going against the decision of the President of the US. When Jack asks why should believe, his answer "Because I really do believe you. And cause you don't have another play "is the same the same Bauer had given to Lieutenant Tanner forty minutes before, as if to confirm that the parallelism between the two grows in bet betting. Come to think of it the same story for the woman's husband may be a common point: in the first season it was revealed that Jack had had a moment of weakness with Mrs Nina and we all know how it ended.

Instead the President disappoints Heller that within a minute I remember because I was much disliked. The good – among other things after their surprisingly successful with speech to Parliament – want to talk directly with Jack before any action is taken against him and his eyes during the phone call suggests that believe his words; but just a trivial work of persuasion by Mark because Heller will side against Bauer. Seeing that the reasons related to the recent past from "designated terrorist" do not work, the Chief of Staff's scratchy feelings President covertly for daughter, as to why he had removed Jack "All I've ever seen is the damage he leaves in his wake": It does subtly, hurrying back onto the tracks from acts "delinquent" of jacks, as if to pretend that that phrase is thrown there among many in a list, When the decisive blow to reach its purpose – and Heller fall in full. Mark has also hijacked every reference provided by Bauer without giving him the minimum weight, without posing a serious problem if it is truly to be a terrorist attack, in the end what matters is only the appearance: There are no clear evidence, Jack has been labeled as a terrorist, and the love/ruin of Audrey, then he is wrong, When one need only wait a few minutes to know the truth. Poor fools! Not only refuse to look at the facts – they leave evidence terrorists scattered around? – but then after eight years may still have not figured out that Jack is always right? The only show signs of understanding – except Kate, but she is a special case – Audrey, among the terror that his Lord beloved to be killed and the recognition that Jack is never wrong. Too bad you only heard to complain to her husband, When instead he should try to convince the father.

And while the Government thinks the only delete that is understanding something, Margot is a step away from his attack. In this episode proves how nothing can stop her from her purpose, even the good daughter; a daughter who turns out to be as stupid as Sansa. In the first season of Game of Thrones the young Stark had leaked to his future mother-in-law Cersei that the father was going to leave King's Landing, causing the arrest – and then we know how it ended. Simone is no less, revealing to the mother that her husband Naveed has no plans to fly the drones to attack. Ora, Okay it's your mother, but it's also the woman ready to kill thousands of innocent people and that she is going to bed with a stranger to steal a device, a little thought before no? In fact, Margot is "Whatever's necessary!"to bend to his will's son-in-law: now Simone cry as well on your amputated finger!

Exciting Jack's response to the President on why didn't went directly from him, sincera, felt and enclosing that feeling of disappointment mixed with a concealed anger that cannot help but try to their country "With all due respect, Mr President, It was your State Department that labeled me a terrorist and made me a wanted man. A man who was never even offered an opportunity to tell his side of the story, which, by the way, Sir, I felt I had earned ". A speech that is unable to retaliate before which a man like Heller that was saved by Jack, It was there on two occasions in which the latter has guaranteed the safety of US should just hang your head. But London remains at risk because of dumb that fogging from different issues from what has always been the sole aim of Jack: do the right thing to protect citizens and Country. The attack is imminent and reality are curious to see the faces of these incapable; in such a situation it's almost a shame that Jack Bauer has not the spirit of superiority (absolutely giusticato) Sheldon Cooper: "I have told you!"we would look so good!



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