24: Live Another Day – Day 9 – EP. 05 – 3 p. m. – 4 p. m. – by R.


Again Kate Morgan becomes the central focus of an episode, becoming the heroine who reveals every mystery before the clouded men in command. The heir of Jack Bauer – with the help of Chloe – experience the truth of the words of the latter leaving on the faces of Heller, Mark e Navarro an expression somewhere between dismay and upset. And even when his boss size out of the operation – with the sole purpose of taking every merit – is she grasp the impending trap: exactly as in the first episode the simplicity of the solution the suspicious, allowing her to find out that what looks like Margot's hideout was actually his first goal – after all, the son got to see if it can fly a drone, You can't improvise mica.

While Kate is behind the two focal points of this episode, his mentor at a distance disappears for ben 20 minutes. Everyone talks about him, but Jack is not seen. This long absence (as well as his silence in the first episode) helps to increase the voltage, leaving portend that when she turns up events that will come will be strong. In the early episodes of the previous eight seasons the opening scenes were concentrated on the operating framework of the new threat and the situation of CTU (or more generally the subjects deputies to investigate), then define the new State it was Jack, understanding of the relationships established, on which its development would be followed later in the day. In this mini-series Bauer's position is a bit’ different, shrouded in mystery of the last four years and put into play by the return of past reports: Jack remains the center of it all (because Jack Bauer is 24), but it is as if we were allowed to view her character only through contact with other actors; in the past we would have seen his path towards the encounter with the President, While this time we only see his arrival through the eyes of Heller and Audrey.

Doesn't change the fact that Jack's always right, obvious but misses recognition from its detractors. The only one to show a minimum of repentance is Mark, who admits to Audrey acted clouded by personal feelings; a confession of weakness that fails as "capture-kindness/pena": It does so solely in order to restore his image in front of the eyes of his wife, whose rendezvous with the great love is approaching; does not convince us nor she who freezes with a "My father needs you" as if to emphasize that the same is not true for you. Among other things shortly before arrogating the right to Mark down fall omnipotence again take a call specifically addressed to the President, at least in that case the narcissism of Navarro has the advantage of making it decided to the Chief of Staff.

As announced when Jack returns gives rise to two strong scenes from emotionally: the meetings with Heller and Audrey, both proof of how 7 past years do not feel. The President maintains that attitude of pride of the speech with which he had removed Jack by his daughter; There is no hint of mea culpa for not having listened to the beginning, even when Bauer says "I know I was right" Heller continues the description of the facts without paying attention; and he wants to use to resolve the trouble in which he himself is he, According to its rules, however,, the review by Jack – despite everything – not counting nothing yet. William Devane plays a character who is always hovering between the one whereby sympathize (the President who, without the intrigues and corruption, acts for the good of their country) and the proud man, full of himself which eventually wants to always be right, terribly irritating. And’ so convinced of being morally perfect politician facing the truth of Margot's message (She recalls how her husband died in the attack were killed including children) She feels "betrayed" by Mark for not being notified of collateral damage which occurred on, as if in a drone attack such an eventuality is not preemptively putting into account.

Know true love meeting with Audrey, with that embrace hinted that recalls their scenes of season 4, as if they happened yesterday. The woman feels the need to get closer to the man that he had to give up against his own will and above all to tell him "I should have defended you more when I heard all those things", liking confirm that she knows him and not let herself be deceived by what everybody said about him. But Jack – after getting concerned if her husband take care of her – feel the need to protect her now like then and tries to push it away, supporting the image that others have of him "Everthing they said is true. It was complicated, but I killed those people "; It takes more than that to dismiss a woman in love! You are right to worry about, Mark!

Home Al-Harazi everything is ready for the first attack and the poor attempt at sabotage by Naveed becomes not only in the place where explosion burst the CIA agents, But even in his own death, taken to a nonchalant Simone; It is obvious that this wasn't a great love, at least one side. With the video message Margot reveals his plan: o Heller, responsible for the death of her husband and of innocent civilians, the you delivery within 3 hours or thousands of innocent people will die. As far as his acting under the rule of an eye for an eye is not acceptable, the female shows that although she what is now labeled a terrorist, his actions are not much different from those of the President – Bearing also in mind that the drones were created by the US Government, that now is not able to stop them. After you've shown as a woman acting to avenge the beloved, 24 delves into the issue of the rationale and highlights both the perspective of the next victims and executioners, making it blurred the lines between right and wrong.

The episode ends with two climax: the death of Naveed and explosion against the team of Navarro, There will be some survivor? Heller has proof that Margot is serious and there is no time to waste, will be willing to set aside his pride and accept the proposal of Jack or we will have to rely more on free initiative by Kate?



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