24: Live Another Day – Day 9 – EP. 06 – 4 p. m. – 5 p. m. – by R.


Jack is back on the field. And whatever he wants – Kate Morgan included – they must be given immediately. The first, Sola, right decision since the beginning of this Day 9. Proof that Bauer was right about everything had not been enough to lower his head to the men in charge involved; It served the explosion of a missile against the CIA team – with all the consequent public alarm – to let him know what they should have learned years ago: Jack Bauer is the only one who knows what needs to be done and is willing to do that. This is what allowed him to solve impossible missions: Jack is not a statesman, required to maintain a certain image; is a surrogate, ready to go over to reach the target. Torture, threats, circumvention of rules, double play are acts that, in certain circumstances, must be made, are that "getting your hands dirty" that men of power relying on others and pretend to be unaware. But know this and accept it because they understand that it is the only way. That's why it was totally senseless that Heller was unaware of the collateral damage of the attack of the drones Margot's husband died; will be also suffering the effects of a degenerative disease, but naïve is not. And that's why Jack wants Kate to fulfill its mission: He understood what we noticed since first episode, which is that she looks quite a lot like, who is willing to do what needs to be done. But perhaps not even Bauer expected it to be so "ready for anything": his face in front of her sticking in his neck the syringe with the sedative, saying "Make it count" is emblematic and perfectly in line with my expression; couldn't just shoot up my arm? This be toasting though is perfectly useful before the torture to which it is subjected by men of Rask, which between electric shocks and trapani reminded me – removing the splatter aspect – the beloved where rich people were devoted to Hostel. Also in the final battle proves to be better than Wonder Woman: grip of legs and stab, absolutely beautiful!

Must be prepared to sacrifice (to do what needs to be done) Simon also, because it is in this sense that must be understood his "acceptance" of the assassination of her husband: yet another sacrifice in the name of a greater cause. In reality, however, the only one in which the girl seems to believe is the mother, not the cause: the occasions when he turned his back on Naveed were due to loyalty to Margot, but his reaction to the possible murder of her sister-in-law and granddaughter is proof of her doubt with respect to the death of thousands of innocents. Unfortunately for her weakness is a sin which cannot afford in such circumstances; in fact, experience has the opposite effect of sister Naveed: woman makes a thousand questions, gets scared and wants to call the police; that stupid unloved, cannot simply leave London as she is told?! So Simone is "forced" to kill her; Unfortunately there is also the way of the little girl who runs away screaming for help and in an attempt to stop her she is hit by a bus. Poor thing, that's what brings the good purpose to save them!

In this episode a few sentences of Jack cannot not be noticed and seem a natural continuation of what has been said to Audrey in the hour before about having killed many people. The talk with Mark that try to convince him not to worry about, that the future of Audrey's with her husband, as well as the continuous stress that this is his last mission – "If I live through today which, by the way, is highly unlikely, I'm going straight to prison "or" This time I'm doing it for me " – suggest a kind of final goodbye, the tragic end of the hero, that does not necessarily result in his death, but that will still have the bitter taste of a final sacrifice. Che ansia! The important thing is that Mark has not won and fails to deliver it to the Russians as he plans to do from the very first episode; his morenikedawodu has already been divined by Deputy Russian Ambassador, proving that only Audrey and her father are caught out by this sneaky puppeteer.

While the consequences of the British Prime Minister's doubts are likely to blow the floor Jack, proving once again how hard it is to operate in foreign territory, We are witnessing the most classic, funny and shocking twist that 24 We have become accustomed over the years: the disclosure of the identity of the mole. It's not disconcerting as it used to be because in his superb attitude and narcissist and his desire to get rid ASAP of Kate could take the clues, but it's still an important discovery for the consequences that might have on other characters, Kate first. Navarro – miraculously survived the attack by Margot, like to reiterate that the weeds never die – is involved in the sale of information had been accused her husband of agent Morgan. The crime of which he was first censor, blaming the colleague for not having realized the role of the beloved, is actually his doing. And if he didn't stop in front nor his friend nor to its wife, who knows what will still be willing to do to not get caught.


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