24: Live Another Day – Day 9 – EP.07 – 5 p. m. – 6 p. m. – by R.


The evacuation of a hospital in less than 8 minutes is another example of things that only Jack Bauer can do. The building is full of agents, Yet he is the only one who sees a man in a restricted access area: Obviously that pile of incapable shoots him by hitting it to death, How interrogate now? Some are missing just the basics! Luckily Jack knows how to seize the most even from the most desperate situations and learns of the imminent attack on hospital, because Margot is ready to do what it needs to be done ", Although that necessary involves kill his own daughter. The woman is firm in his plan and this is demonstrated both in the harsh tone of voice is in her not to stop at nothing and no one; deeply believes in the cause, beyond any consequence. And’ highly likely to be successful if that deal breaker completely loses his family – in part has already lost – and it was just the love for her husband all spring, Yet it is a price we are willing to pay. Despite this being a clear awareness on the principle, I can't help but be amazed by the rage and determination with which seeks to eliminate Simone, as if that was no longer the girl hugging smiling in a photo: He disobeyed, He cheated on you, and then became a mere danger for his cause. On the other hand this very special "motherly love" gives us a breathtaking Chase scene: It is not a simple race between self shooting each other or run up against, There's a car (with Jack, Kate and Simone) followed by a drone and its missiles, where just a stopover one nanosecond longer and you are done. But Jack is in excellent shape and resave the situation: Simon is still alive although strongly at risk. The girl has such proof of something he suspected, but hoped until the last is not true, namely, that his mother is willing to kill anyone, even his daughter; Perhaps the definitive gesture for you to decide to deploy across. His path to that effect was very slow – rightly involving a deep relationship like that mother-daughter – We met her when he was fully involved in the plan, almost look like the right arm of Margot; the influence of the husband she crept a seed of doubt, but in fact never looked shaky in loyalty to the mother: faced with a choice, has always opted for her – it was obvious example his assist property to the murder of Naveed. However being forced to kill two innocent which is tied up begins to unsettle it something; depends on affection for sister-in-law and nephew as sustaining herself with Jack, but it's a first clash with the reality of what his mother is going to make. And this fact is clearly visible as she looks out the window of the car, just before you pass out: devastation in all respects similar to the one that has probably assisted by small and when he lost his father; her mother is going to replicate that image is horrible – and while doing so the would hit with a missile.

The brief questioning of Jack to Simone is an opportunity to review that side of the man who long has been criticized: get to torture people to get the information. We saw him do many times, not only he, recently the same Kate performed equivalently, but here Bauer feels the need to justify himself to fellow, stating "I just hate these people, for thinking there could be anything that would justify what they're doing ". Which Viewer to 24 has always justified Jack for his unconventional methods? But now he seems to doubt his actions; another phrase in addition to those included in the previous post with which Jack pare prepare to say goodbye to Jack Bauer.

Kate is forced to waste time with granddaughter of Simon, that unlike any ordinary witness remembers every detail of her mother's death; in Criminal Minds the BAU agents struggle to bring back the survivors with the mind at the time when the fact came to obtain the necessary information to the investigations, This girl doesn't even need a moment to reflect! However, only phase it should be awake and run away like all the hospital, you go hide in a corner! I hope his scenes are complete.

If the discovery of Navarro as the real CIA mole was not shocking enough, This episode is going to amplify it by revealing that the other person involved is Adrian Cross, the friend/colleague of Chloe, that in fact he had never fully convinced. Victim of the two conspirators is Adam Sinclair (Gavin Leonard), the CIA computer expert who discovered loopholes in their attempt to frame her husband of Kate. The boy, however, survives the assassination attempt – it must be said that the killer is not good, believed to be dead when he apparently hit too sideways.

To give a final twist is President Heller that, After putting my pride with Jack, admits his arrogance in believing they can govern the United States despite his health. Finalmente! His arrogant nature was unclear since its first appearance eight years ago and was not in the least diminished. She doesn't remember what she says, raises doubts in his allies, perseveres in his pride: It is obvious that the results may not be the best, Although it may have the best intentions. The clarification with the British Prime Minister opens his eyes and Heller takes that decision that although appeared immediately the most logical (to minimize damage) raises however wonder why ever you'd expect that a President can really take it into account: surrender to Margot because does not proceed in the attack, giving in to blackmail. Wanting to talk to Jack immediately suggests that he'll be the only one who knows the truth, but Bauer let him? And especially, whereas in any case at the end of this Day 9 Heller will no longer be President, How will political parlors without being able to hang out with Audrey? Will do well to hold Mark!


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