24: Live Another Day – Day 9 – EP. 08 – 6 p. m. – 7 p. m. – by R.


"The United States does not negotiate with terrorists". This statement we heard from Mark a few episodes ago to prevent the President contrattasse with Jack giving him time to provide evidence of the imminent terrorist attack. Now is not that always repeats Heller because Bauer should bow to the blackmail of Margot. The two men are also trusted men of Audrey his father, choosing them as the only ones informed about your decision to surrender to Al-Harazi in Exchange for the destruction of the drones. Jack and Mark find they have to collaborate and surprisingly the latter behaves correctly, revealing a profound respect for the President who served; Although it cannot hide the antipathy for Bauer, the Chief of Staff reveals a more human side of himself, sensitive to "the greatest man I've ever known, without losing the demeanour of his role. Even when he is forced to face Audrey who has just discovered the father's plan, Boudreau can't keep control of the situation, not sinking in the role of caring husband, all taken to justify himself with his partner, but recovering himself that assigned to it by the President himself, "It was a privilege to serve him. Today he asked for one last service. I hated doing it with every fiber of my being, but I'd do it again if he asked me to. And if you can't live with that then, then so be it ". As far as his character's irritating, I must admit that in this episode, I appreciate it, It is capable of acting for the best, even if the price to pay is the hatred of his wife. Certainly it is very amusing that Heller think immediately to him when Jack asks him for help from someone you trust: go get the man who tried to manipulate and even got to fake his signature.

The comparison between Heller and Jack is very intense; with a great performance by William Devane, the President faced with the resistance of the former officer raises his voice, but this time not for her usual pride, is the resignation that speaks: James knows that there is nothing left to do or to stop Margot nor for itself due to the progress of Alzheimer's. The noise made by Heller is at odds with the phrases in a low voice and the silences of Jack, that in the face of arguments that the President has no way of counter. Bauer is aware that the situation is desperate, but the resignation does not belong to him, resigning means surrender and he never did. However the words of Heller strike him full right in his wanting to always try to save a greater good of itself "If you were standing right here, in these shoes, in my position, you would do the exact same thing "; and it's the truth, Jack would make the same choice, in different ways has already made over and over again.

The President before departure to the place indicated by Margot, Wembley Stadium, system every thing; politically prepares his resignation so that his surrender to the enemy becomes a private affair and not Been, so the rule "The United States does not negotiate with terrorists" is completely circumvented; also does what every President should have done in previous years: grants clemency to Jack, meglio tardi che mai! Unfortunately I suspect that the fate of this grace will be somewhat circuitous! Heller also chooses the way of silence with her daughter, trying to live with her one final loving moment, keeping it though in the air of normality in order not to arouse suspicion; another choice appreciable, He knows he's dying, but he wants to Audrey everything runs just like that before the inevitable despair.


The trip to Wembley Stadium in London is falling fast in the evening, the sky is now dark almost to underline also the atmosphere of hopelessness that reigns among the protagonists. The President makes his entrance in a stadium completely empty, walk towards the center of the field illuminated by as "the last man standing", a fighter on his last match with all odds against. In a new shelter Margot and her son are ready to hit it with a missile, not before being assured that it is indeed James Heller, being amazed by recognizing his face. At that point, Margot wants to take the honor to shoot herself, bringing to completion the mission with which it wants to avenge her husband and thousands of innocents. Now the question is whether it will keep truly his word; so far has proved to be a woman of honor, Although in his view: for her, the attack is not simply an affront to Western power, but they reveal the misdeeds of a Government and the man who guide. For Margot, Heller isn't that extraordinary man hailed by Mark and Jack, but "a murderer". Delete Heller means execute the one who caused so many deaths, "Let the world see that justice was done and that even a so-called terrorist can keep her word". The woman is fully convinced of his motives, strongly believes in his cause and if it doesn't destroy the drones would be reneging on the, so I think, barring a sudden seizure of power by the son, will it really as promised.

To intersperse the main storyline Navarro and Jordan, in a hunt of cat and mouse remotely, where both are defeated. The technician is not doing much with intrigue, How do you call for the first and only one who sent you on a date with death? Get two extra questions no? Only after this call understands that behind the hitter there is Navarro, but it's too late, can only kill in turn that man before he died. Poor thing, I felt a lot of sympathy. The death of his minions might be a boomerang for the same section chief.

The episode ends with the missile hitting the midfield of Wembley Stadium, taking targeting the chest of the President. The explosion leaves no way out. An unexpected twist, that ranks among the best of all seasons 24. Until the last seems an eventuality impossible, as if that atmosphere of surrender should lead to a positive change and instead nothing, expect good news that never comes.



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