24: Live Another Day – Day 9 – EP. 09 – 7 p. m. – 8 p. m. – by R.


The good news that we have been waiting in the previous episode arrives in this; or rather had already arrived, but we were aware. As I had mentioned the resignation does not belong to Jack Bauer and even when the situation is desperate does find a technicality that if does not lead to success course, at the very least earns him time. At the same time as the son of Margot, Ian, about the footage of the attack against Heller we understand that something is wrong. And having already destroyed five drones, Ian reveals the mystery: the final seconds of the video are a repetition of the previous ones, so Heller wasn't in midfield when the missile hit. Somehow, with the help of the Almighty dell'informatica Chloe O'Brian, Jack has altered the movie tricking Al-Harazi. Being in the Wembley Stadium, we can say that Jack Bauer manages the impossible in zone Cesarini! From there onwards is a succession of events out of breath until the final showdown with Margot. The woman indeed, offended and angry for the deception suffered decides to use the latest drone strike to hit the Waterloo Station, stormed by Londoners to the alarm raised by previous attacks. Now the only way to prevent a massacre is to stop directly mother and son discover where.

Heller protagonist of now just past, is set aside, entrusted by Jack with his partner Belcheck for you remains safe until there is no more danger. The President narrowly escaped death recovers all its pride by claiming to command first with Bauer and then with Belcheck. Exchanging jokes with the latter being particularly funny, highlighting the habit under the command of first frustrated by being in foreign territory "I am the President of the United States of America and I just gave you an order" "I am not American citizen, This is not America ". At least eventually even Heller realizes that they are acting only for your safety.

At the residence of President everyone is on alert for the upcoming missile attack and follow his route live – thanks to Chloe that has managed to penetrate the Ian system. Audrey also finds time to thank Jack, first in front of everyone, eliciting a look of Mark with which I believed could fulminarla, then with a private phone call in which everything he wants to say remains outstanding due to commitments well man's most pressing. Audrey so far has done little except for complaining and being on the verge of tears pouring as soon as he hears the name of his great love; with the excuse that she was traumatized fails to assume a specific role, forcing us to endure this its heavy presence. While the secret service and the CIA follow the screen the voyage of drone, Jack and Kate and Erik on the other are one step away from Margot's retreat. In a few minutes they manage to solve each hitch and doing what in the hours before had seemed impossible: trace the location of Al-Harazi. A very exciting hunt, where the ticking clock seems to feel more than at other times, because every second can prove critical. Bauer reached the Hideout, lock Margot and hijacks your drone immediately after killing Ian; the woman is now defeat, But despite everything he launches into a kind of sermon on the responsibility that Jack and Heller have on deaths of the day. Perhaps it would do more good to remain silent and however Jack has the right answer "The only death tonight on my head is yours" and throws it out the window as we did a few moments before with his son: evidence that Jack Bauer we knew did not change, at best it's the nth degree; does not reflect even a moment on the possibility of arrest and as his gesture falls within that must "get their hands dirty," I was a little’ appalled at, I am not sure if Michelle Fairley – that I adored in this role – his character or just Jack, but that was the effect.


L'affaire Al-Harazi closes permanently with the death of its protagonists when we just over half bet and in three episodes from the end, which suggests that is about to begin a new and stronger storyline. Switching from one theme to another roughly halfway through the season is a typical aspect of almost all series, tuttavia 24: Live Another Day consists of twelve episodes Sun thus not elaborate sufficiently new events is high. A trick can be found in choosing to develop a storyline already emerged, namely that of Navarro and Adrian Cross. The discovery of the bodies brings the head Section on alert, at the risk of being outed in short time, thing that happens on schedule thanks to Jack, that despite his past has friends everywhere. Adrian is willing to help him escape, but in return wants the Margot, We discover to be able to provide unlimited access to each system, I mean the drones were only a joke compared to what you could do. Steve Navarro and Adrian Cross appeared not very reliable since the first scene, but then you were limited to steal the show, sins of arrogance and petty deceptions, worth at most a secondary storyline. Slowly they are instead standing out as the two villain to fear more than Margot: Navarro has framed his friend, sent a hit man to murder one of his employees, and within seconds, killed barehanded an agent to steal the device. Adrian had cheated Jack, but then he made up helping Chloe; but now not only his group for freedom of information takes on another image, but it is confirmed by a report that one could guess: between him and Chloe is not just friendship. This leaves me puzzled over his involvement in selling news to the Chinese. But at least we'll see Chloe more and in a different guise than the Guide from afar.

An episode that closes a scramble to open another, with a first part reserved for the good-bye to Margot Al-Harazi and a second that follows the path of the drone control device, involving characters already known that are so thorough in their true identity. 24 He kept the tension high revealing new secrets of the protagonists and addressing along a different path, but tied to that just ended; in this way you have the feeling to start a new and more intense adventure, but there is a break with what has happened so far. Jack Bauer has not yet finished.



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