24: Live Another Day – Day 9 – Episode 10 – 8 p. m. – 9 p. m. – by R.

The return of 24 on the screens had to have a meaning, It could not be just another day in the life of Jack Bauer otherwise you would have run the risk of ruining a wonderful series, like when you feel an obligation to make a sequel to a blockbuster movie, and the result is a story absolutely useless that we would gladly spared.

At first it seemed that the reason behind Jack's arrival in London was making amends to family Heller and indeed that is the reason that drives the man; but at the level of the interlace picture is much more interesting, presenting the final showdown with those that have marked the most critical moments in the path of agent Bauer: the Chinese, in the person of Cheng, that is the man who at the end of the fifth season had kidnapped Jack and had him tortured for a year; and the Russians, because of his forced removal from US, and labeling as terrorist psycho. While the latest has outlined since the early episodes with the storyline led by Mark Boudreau behind the scenes, the Chinese have only been mentioned such as the recipients of the information sold by Navarro to Adrian; but now take charge of the operation with Cheng, what a, hitting the Chinese carriers through American missiles, aims to unleash World War III. However in this scenario alarming, There is a detail that I find very funny: the origin of the fact there is no precipitating Mark, because if this idiot gave way to the Russians to track Jack, the latter would arrive in time to the hideout of Cheng. From simple husband and Assistant suffering from delusions of control, the position of Chief of Staff, already critical for falsifying the signature of the President, inevitably gets complicated, transforming it de facto a traitor to his Nation.

Cheng to achieve its purpose has exploited the utter stupidity of Adrian, that belies the brilliance with which seemed to have been presented initially. The man appeared to 24: Live Another Day which computer expert able to access secret state documents, who fought in the name of freedom of information and the support of Chloe was a guarantee of his ability. Actually the floor of Adrian is to demonstrate with the device that controlled drones the weakness of systems of each country, so before this truth no longer pose a threat to others. Possible that saying it aloud will not realize the senselessness? Obviously Cheng disagrees with this crazy idea and makes it clear by killing all the members of his group and then he. Two-faced nature is the only characteristic that gave a greater thickness to the character of Michael Wincott: the deception against Jack, the catch data in Navarro and forcing Chloe to follow him they glimpse of a possible interesting villain; but then shows his great idea and the whole thing collapses. Before he died shows a last side sneaky, confessing to O'Brian that her husband and son were killed in a normal incident, the Government had nothing to do with. The reason that led Chloe to stand against the system that first defended was just a lie and in behalf of the latter has done things now feel the weight.

And it is not alone in having to endure the guilt. Kate if you first placed blame for not understanding what she was doing her husband, Now you don't have conviction believed "He realized that I no longer believe him. I'll never forget the look in his eye. I know that was the moment that he decided to take his own life ". And those who understand the guilt better than Jack Bauer? In these four years when he lost everything Jack realized that the only thing a person can do is "really accept that. Then you can begin to forgive yourself ". The moments of confession each other between the two are always very intense, as if to emphasize the common points that have emerged since the first episode. And the chemical extant reaches its maximum evidence when induce Navarro to speak. We know that the threat of Kate has an ulterior motive, Don't let the anger take over, but she is still very good at pretend to present and to his former Boss that the only thing I now want is revenge. Another demonstration of its similarity to Jack, in the second season he had found himself in a similar position with Nina Myers.

Navarro gives her best in the interrogation scene, by sitting there with that smug face, you would just want to slap; feeling that increases when in Exchange for his help calls for total immunity – in this regard,, can anyone can get immunity and grace, While Jack Bauer is always complicated? When Jack the massacres his hand is an awesome back in the old days; shame it stops!

When the American submarine receives the order to strike the Chinese aircraft carrier came to my mind the show Last Resort, whose events originate from a wrong order, but the crew refuses to run because he understands that something is wrong. But here we reflect even a second and start the missiles!

The episode ends with the explosion of the aircraft carrier, the possible outbreak of war; but in 24 marks especially the imminent clash between Jack and his past. Two episodes from the end all outstanding issues, also dating from the years gone by, they are about to be solved. Will Jack to finally close with the past?


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