24: Live Another Day – Day 9 – Episode 11 – 9 p. m. – 10 p. m. – by R.

After the finale of the tenth episode excitement and tension were already high, but this manages to keep the same level, leading us relentlessly towards an ending where everything could happen. Don't miss the action, with the shootings at the start and end of the episode, and emotionally intense scenes, You obviously see the Center Jack Bauer.

Thanks to the genius of Chloe, Bauer finds out who is the mastermind behind the attack on Chinese aircraft carriers; as every victim, After being tortured for a year Jack cannot fail to recognize the voice of her tormentor. Discover that the man is still alive must be worse than a stab, young Minister to mind everything I suffered what was reduced once – and remember very well back in the US. But Bauer holds up the shot and immediately resumed control of the situation. The same goes for Audrey, that after the kidnapping of her beloved had gone to China to look for it, being captured and tortured by the same Cheng, the fact that he reduced to a catatonic state of which Jack has been blamed. The woman, Despite the initial shock, He manages to keep a stiff upper lip and looks for a way to help herself to the unmasking of Chinese. Finally does something more than complain and also gives us an exciting phone call with Jack, that is perhaps the most moving of their meeting a few hours before. Bauer calls her because he needs to know that despite everything that happened and it will happen "I just don't want you to hate me forever" and "you are the only possible answer I could never hate you. I never have ". When the fourth day of Jack Bauer started, their story was born recently, and the events that had followed – and dad Heller – They destroyed, a classic example of "when love is not enough". But, as much as she doesn't bear, I must say that was one of the few not to turn your back on him, not to make him never at fault than it did, to see in him the man who always sacrificed for the greater good of his own life, exactly as we see viewers – even the daughter Kim was not much understanding. So there is no doubt that Audrey doesn't feel hatred for the man, How could? He also saved my life. And now find themselves on their way the man who more than anyone has them annihilated; This along with the new location of Mark seems to steer you toward a happy ending for the pair, Although for the finale I prepare psychologically for the worst. In addition, there is a request from Audrey who could rivolegere just Jack "Do what has to be done"; I wonder what would be the reaction of the husband if he had asked him to kill his torturer, probably would have told you to take off and go to rest.

From its first appearance drew Tate Donovan's character inevitably every antipathy, even more than Navarro. Be the husband of Audrey left to guess that his approach to Jack wouldn't have been polite and was quick to confirm it. In this penultimate episode to Mark the moment of truth arrives, his actions to get rid of Jack are exposed before the President Heller, who trusted him. We must recognize that the reckoning, Boudreau confesses all, even the falsification of signature; but sticking to the role is a step back. His phrase "Mr. President" don't be so naive. My job is to keep your hands clean, that means mine get dirty "while finding confirmation in the recent attitude of Heller, It is a distortion of reality. He didn't act like that sneaky because he thought that getting rid of Jack was necessary for the sake of his Government, that aspect has always been in the background: now there are hours that knows it's not Bauer the threat to the US, has been moved solely by jealousy for Audrey. He gave one last test in the previous installment by submitting to the Russians the code to track down Jack right now after discussion with his wife, that was just about his feelings toward the former CTU agent. Don't try to enchant us with human history faithful to the State doing "what needs to be done" for his country, that is the specialty of Jack; If you really believed in justification data you would realize that Bauer is the first that has dirtied his hands to save the nation, then her see him as a terrorist traitor wouldn't be standing. And then on, a comparison with Jack would be unacceptable! The Chief of Staff is so good at his job that cannot even connect the Russian Minister with whom he "collaborated", Stolnavich, with Cheng: Russian is undercover and hopes a war between US and China for his country can benefit from them; the involvement of Stolnavich so it is not limited to question Bauer, but has directly to do with floor of Cheng. The two great enemies of Jack belong to the same set, which makes them even stronger showdown. Mark avoids immediate arrest for treason only because Jack sees farther and realizes that it can exploit it to stop Stolnavich, giving him the opportunity to mend what has combined. At least plays the role of the traitor and surprisingly survives the shooting at the residence of Russian. Pity that the same cannot apply to the latter that it can't be of any help to track down Cheng.

Chinese President, so much for its definition as a "reasonable man", does not believe the words of Heller and within minutes some American satellites are felled. While the presidential role US risks losing authority in front of his men because of illness, Audrey looks the closest to finding a truce with the Chinese. But Cheng is a step forward; the episode closes with the guards and the Chinese contact Audrey killed and her under the pull of Cheng. From war between States the issue grows ever more staff.

This miniseries is composed 12 episodes against 24 hours shown; the next installment will narrate the events between the 10 p. m. and the 11 a.m., then the structure will probably be very different from what we are used to. It will be the grand finale, then we should say goodbye to Jack, di nuovo. The phrases uttered by Bauer about his past and his future this season make me fear for a conclusion that in any case it will be tragic, but the mentioned gap for happy ending with Audrey leaves me a little hope. 24 We always did attend exciting final season and from premises that shall not be less: the situation seems hopeless, but we know that Jack might also leave the island of Lost in 24 hours, then let alone may have problems for Russian-Chinese Alliance!


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