24: Live Another Day – Day 9 – EP. 12 Season Finale – 10 p. m. – 11 a. m. – by R.

One of the things that has always struck me of season finals 24 is that in an hour can do the impossible: the minutes pass and you feel that there is no longer, instead Jack in seconds saves the world. And in this final is no less, Indeed beats every record in preventing World War III in less than fifty minutes. 24 He greets us with an episode that mixes all the best ingredients to which we have become accustomed in nine seasons: missions with a high level of tension, showdowns, tragedies, twists and the ultimate sacrifice of Jack Bauer.

Kate Morgan arrives at the final round than you have been held since the first episode, not be able to handle the situation without staff involvement; his wanting to participate in surveys was interpreted as a "fix" to blindness before the husband – Maybe by getting so the jobs – thing that has continually belied by the facts, proving that he can do what needed to be done. Facing Jack who wants to go to the rescue of Audrey, Kate looks in an objective framework: Bauer is under the President's order to stop Cheng, run to the rescue of former talking a violation, as well as too great a risk; She takes care of Audrey. And it does so well, with a sequence in which he demonstrates his skills to the maximum in the field. Great performance by Kim Raver, which while not mouthing the word, manages to express the anguish and the drama of the moment he is living. Everything is built well with Audrey Tan, Sola nel buio and Morgan Park behind the bushes that cannot make the slightest noise, leaving us to fear that at any moment there may be fatal shot. And when Kate rushes towards Audrey I feared that this would affect just the first. Nothing could be more wrong, you realize what I had discarded a priori. The answer to the question seems indeed too simple sniper, Imagine if someone like Cheng has come up with a plan B; in fact, suddenly another check and this time there is no escape, for Audrey. If there was a thought arrived at the end was her, I had put in for the death of his father, by Chloe, even Jack, but its just not. Audrey for all and most of all was that to protect, what President's daughter and what great love of Jack and includes from the looks of desolation legible on the faces of every character who learns the news. After his death, every aspect related to the overrun of war danger assumes another light because the loss is hard to bear. Starting from Kate, whose guilt for failing to protect the woman – Although it is evident that couldn't do anything – the door to give up his badge, you leave behind that place that at the beginning of the season didn't want to totally abandon; an epilogue that puzzles me, It is as if he had ended up acknowledging the criticism that they were in origin, but that proved to the last don't deserve.

I do not understand why Jack is immediately informed, Okay that is able to act coldly, But why upset? Let's review so that expression which is a mix of anger and despair, ready to explode that Bauer showed all too often. The final confrontation with Cheng is ruthless, but Jack before having gained revenge for years and who now lives on new SAP, does, come sempre, what needs to be done. The morality of actions of Kiefer Sutherland's character may be the subject of several discussions, but there is no denying that before giving vent to his rage to make sure the goal is reached. Decapitate Cheng after allowing its recognition is perhaps a mere Justice staff, though it gives a feeling of closure to a storyline duration 7 years.

Dopo 12 hours each risk to the world has averted, but, as mentioned, the death of Audrey prevents pulling a full breath of relief. The scene in which is advertised to Heller is excruciating and emotion increases 12 hours after (for the first time in the history of 24 We see a leap in time which enables you to comply with the format of the day despite only twelve episodes) When the President is preparing to get on Air Force One to accompany home the body of his daughter, with the Prime Minister admitting "I won't remember anything that happens today. I won't remember that I had a daughter that died in such a horrible fashion "; a further sad conclusion for the character of William Devane. Heller was probably the only one with a fate already marked, Anyway she went, his illness prevented him from continuing the Presidential Office, that's why his sacrifice to the blackmail of Margot had an acceptable. The daughter was fully restored by the facts of years ago and the last episode appeared to have hinted at a possible happy ending for her and Jack. But now their last phone call takes on the flavor of a goodbye, with that forgiveness that the man had as much need to hear.

While Heller is preparing for old age with no memories and Mark is going to be conducted in prison – at least a satisfaction! – Jack is one step closer to his ultimate sacrifice. MICA we forget the Russians, do not? The last enemies of Bauer kidnap Chloe so that man will deliver to save it. The relationship of Jack and Chloe risked being put in the balance by binding her with Cross, but when she offers her help because that is the only way to repair and recover his confidence, for Bauer is sufficient. In the last few sentences that Exchange is the right development to what happened in the first episode. Earlier in the day Jack had in fact claimed to have no more friends; and now after the words addressed to him by Chloe "I think I'm the only friend you have left", is ready to give his life for what, admits, is your "best friend", an expression from the mouth of the Jack has a profound weight. Just like four years ago, 24 ends with Jack and Chloe being hunted by the Russians; then she helped him to escape, now he's the one who saves, submission to those men who have escaped for so long. The idea of the hero who tackles the final sacrifice is fully respected: After a day in which he saved the world (di nuovo), did fine, has rediscovered the importance of having next to people you can trust, Jack gets on a helicopter that will take him to a future of suffering in Russian prisons. But not before putting the record straight "I've taken you at word. But if you're lying to me, If anything happens to her or my family, your entire world will come apart and you will never see it coming ", a promise that leaves open a window for his return. While his country once you forget him – as the President has forgotten that grace had assured – another day in the life of Jack Bauer ended, the world is out of danger and he is just, knowing you did the right thing and that the people she loves are safe. Goodbye Jack!


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