A look at: Criminal Minds – 9×14 “200” – by R. and S.


Even in Italy Criminal Minds crosses the finish line of the 200 episodes and it does so with a high voltage episode, between flashbacks, plot twists and a welcome return. “200” was greatly anticipated since the beginning of the ninth season, putting in the middle of a dark storyline the character of JJ. From his early conversations with the new section chief Matt Cruz we dreaded having to say goodbye to his perfect family, something very difficult to consider since is one of the few certainties of serial world. But as the danger for the wedding was fading, the mystery was increasingly intricate, until the kidnapping of blonde agent of BAU. And’ was pretty surprising to find that everything was based on the mission carried out by JJ in his period of absence from Quantico; that useless period of absence. How can we forget the months of doubt have elapsed between fifth and sixth season, they had also led to an online petition against the departure of Jareau and Prentiss, but this had prevented the transfer required the first at the Pentagon (or so we thought until today). And so for an entire series had to do without the character of A. (J). Cook, a totally senseless deprivation, they couldn't even on the will of the actress. But the production has had to give an account of how combined – If we reflect a little’ the more we were saving the Cadet Ashley Seaver which was then pushed aside without too many compliments – bringing back the screen JJ as if you haven't never gone. Two years after his return on a permanent basis here that highly debatable choice – Let's say crazy – is used for the construction of a celebratory episode of the series. The fact that that year of the distance was never explained is functional outcome to the development of this storyline, not allowing us to get clues – If not a small time reference to a case closed by 3 years – about where they wanted to go there. All this has helped create a much awaited and high voltage episode, where until the last we asked ourselves about the identity of the mole and the safety of JJ was at risk.

The fact that JJ was the undisputed star of a moment so important for the whole team also has the flavor of an official apology for this treatment given to the character, in order to recognize in front of everyone, especially viewers, the importance of his presence: JJ is not only a member of the BAU, It was a mainstay, like all the other (in particular, of all other men). And at best television traditions, here to celebrate properly makes his return to the beloved Prentiss: Although he left the series a year after doing everything right to return (fall victim to the same devious maneuver involving JJ, as we said before), and although unjustified goodbyes are hard to digest, It's hard not to be pleased to see you in action with the rest of the team to which he belonged for many years. Very nice, in this regard,, the meeting-handover between Emily and Blake, that so far has proven its worthy successor.

Celebratory heart-pounding episodes are nothing new to Criminal Minds: the penny (5×09 “100“) has been nothing short of excruciating; Since Haley was not one of the main characters, his death was relevant not so much itself, as for the impact on others, first and foremost Hotch. And it was this to make the incident so painful: What's worse than losing someone if you don't see the desperation in the eyes of his loved ones? In that case, the tragedy was amplified from the fact that we have witnessed the killing of Haley from the perspective of Hotch, in a desperate race against time as vain. Luckily for episode 200 the authors chose another direction, while maintaining constant voltage and suspense; It was an episode involving but, per fortuna, from the happy ending, choice particularly appreciated given the number of deaths that the team faced so far.

Now that the BAU has regained some balance and secured (as much as possible) all its agents, begins the second season in a seemingly tranquil climate. In fact, Although this year the series devotes more space to the personal lives of the main characters and lacks the Big Villain who moves in the background throughout the season (as happened more than once in the past), Criminal Minds is known for its cliffhangers in the finals, so the advice is to not relax too much and be ready to other twists.



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