A look at: Gomorrah – The Series – by R. and S.


The collective enthusiasm for Gomorrah and the ratings record that has reached make it difficult to ignore the topic, but to go to this post have been especially the comments of critics and viewers, who praised the series as if it were an unprecedented masterpiece. Ecco, We take the liberty to differ. Across the Board.

Is in content and setting the series as a whole which lay many of the reasons why, contrary to what everyone says and despite not having anything to do with productions such as Honor and respect, Gomorrah is far from the standard of the overseas tv series. Who declared its concern that a number of the genre could idolize behaviors that should be pretty doomed, cast&crew responded that no, is this not the case, because in Gomorrah “the bad guys” are not idealized, There is no risk of arousing empathy. I don't know if it's more mindless the worry of condoning the behaviors described or the answer that was given. With regard to the first, you do not need to waste many words, Since it probably originates from the same watching Rai fiction, censor Game Of Thrones It would give off a popular uprising if, che so, Dexter to be aired in prime time. the answer, instead, encloses the main issue of this series: precisely that lack of empathy by which authors have, to give a moral justification to facts that tell, is the main reason for the failure of Gomorrah, If considered as a tv series of high-level. If the simple curiosity to see what will happen may be what pushes the Viewer to follow the adventures of the characters, Maybe while she irons/eat/feed the cat, to bring it to the level of “How-do-to-continue-to-live-normally-after-you-seen-this-things?” It takes more: It takes that empathy that here was deliberately avoided, that involvement that makes you root for the protagonists, that makes hanging from their lips waiting to find out what they'll do. If watching the Sopranos meet well-rounded characters, in Gomorrah meet stereotyped figures and one-dimensional; at first we became very close, Why are presented as men, at the same time fathers, husbands, friends and even mafiosi, While the latter are just Camorra. Family members Sachin do what they do and the thing ends there, There is no attention to their motives, the less there is no inner conflict or any self-: There is nothing that can lead the viewer along the tortuous decision-making process of each character before it goes to kill someone, and the consequence is that the character is never understood, There is an unbridgeable distance between the viewer and the protagonists, distance makes it impossible to consider those men something more and different than mere criminals. Proof of this is the so-called evolution of Gennaro Savastano, from all praised and admired but is actually just a lot of smoke and mirrors: Genny, indeed, has not evolved in any way, just before is a spoiled child, at some point disappears for a while, faces adversity that viewers do not see and lost weight and after he comes home with a completely different character. Ora, I don't think I need to be a seasoned television writers to understand that this is not an evolution, rather it is a sad ploy to give way to Gennarino our to do something new; I'd put it on a par with the resurrection of Taylor in Beautiful, There was no need to introduce it in the plot and have put, without asking too many questions. With these assumptions, the series is reduced to a pile of trivial characters and a straightforward Chronicle of brutal events, with some cheating here and there, with that tone of complaint always latent, arising from the narrative cut seconded. It is for these reasons that Gomorrah can be up to a good documentary, but fails miserably as a tv series.


If that's not enough, to leave perplexed is also the so-called “Italian realism” (CIT. our reader Clare): dark colors, sad and characters who speak with faces stuck to each other that always seems about to kiss each other and, above, always speak whispering: Jessica Moore has taught, and now if one wants to give himself the air from serious actor have to whisper, with the viewer who swears because it's fine that you speak a language he understands only the 3,5% the Italian population, but at least let me hear what you say, ecchecavolo. The setting in desolate landscapes, completely ignoring the beauty of the area, It was a deliberate and thoughtful choice (as told in the endless special on Sky Atlantic), but maybe they forgot that even the desolate landscapes can be fascinating; Why on earth would I pay a subscription to Sky to see what looks like the campaign abandoned behind my house? Fit perfectly in this painting depressing even the costumes: If in Mad Men We see the clothing carefully studied for each character, and we see it change reflecting the inner changes of the wearer, Here the clothing looks like that of school plays to my elementary school, When they use old clothes that were in the House. The suspense and the tension, instead, are unknown concepts to actors and authors of Gomorrah: the deaths follow one another always equal, whether it's a kid whatever, of a traitor or the wife of the boss; the plot twists are absolutely non-existent, everything is predictable and nothing surprising; There will be no opposition Racketeer bad / good COP typical of some fiction, but it is not that we are very far. Even the final confrontation between the two former friends, that should have been the culmination of growing tension between the two, the final reckoning, resolves to a gutted Shootout in an asylum by country, a scene that seems a parody of a tv drama serious. Certainly not surprising even the scenes of violence, the purpose of which was to be the one to broadcast raw images, something innovative for the Italian television; the most impressive thing that vista was Cyrus who tore the earring to a little girl (subsequently tortured and burned, but that did not showed), so it seems only right to point out to those responsible that the average viewer accustomed to something else: to understand, What is more soft than the average viewer has seen in the past year was the Red Wedding, an earring ripped now seems almost a caress.

Here's, This is our daily bread
Here's, This is our daily bread

The origin of Gomorrah is the eponymous book by Roberto Saviano, followed by movie; transformation into a tv series was really so fundamental? You could not think of another product, Maybe original and maybe (but just maybe) unrelated to the underworld? Just a quick look at Italian production to note that organized crime, declined in its various forms, is the recurring theme: every year there is no escape. Then you wonder if it is transmitted so many foreign series (not only u. s.), While on our part there is the same export: the reason it seems clear. This is a topic typically Italian, We are unfortunately identified worldwide – the American series will often give a clear example – and it can hardly take root in other territories. Foreign shows, even with their details in your region, addressing common themes, that may affect each of us and which are therefore “exportable”. Here, however, we continue to get bogged down in provincial stories, underlined further by the use of a vernacular language that makes the audience even more restricted. If you were to sell a series of this kind beyond the Italian borders, the result would be only to reinforce an image that already is far too widespread and that is useless to make bogus marveled only when manifested in the mockery of foreigners during the football leagues (much scandal when Germany before Italy-in 2006 the front pages of German newspapers called us “Pizza mafia”).

Gomorrah was broadcast every Tuesday on Sky Atlantic with ben 2 episodes and reruns nearly immediate on Sky Cinema; in practice you couldn't turn on the decoder without encountering at least one scene. This overexposure was it really necessary (whereas there is also the on demand)? It's the same situation that has arisen since January on Mediaset for the Spanish telenovela The Secret: the ratings go up and then down with airing on multiple channels, continuous replication, double if not triple episodes, actors everywhere, preventing any viewer can avoid. I'm surprised that still there was an overdose effect, that is never taken into account by the planning. Another difference with the overseas series, where the double episode is an exceptional event, reserved for moments (season premiere or season finale), is not given away every week just to be sure to beat rival networks. The show made in USA are transmitted episode per episode, with replicas spread intelligently during a week to allow the Viewer to assimilate what happened and be ready to move on. As much as the idea of a double episode of Game of Thrones It is tempting, We understand very well that it would be too: in Italy until last year Sky Cinema followed the bad habit italico of two episodes, which meant not making time to recover from the Red Wedding that already there was the final. And’ clear that it is not feasible, unless one prefers a purely superficial vision, as if you looked on big brother! Not to mention that double episode also means that the product (“very successful”) inevitably ends before: Gomorrah with its 12 episodes then could occupy as many weeks, Instead it ended in a month and a half! I don't think we need be of superior minds to figure out that tougher airing more increases its profit.

Just the time that the ending can be concluded and is already announced that there will be a second season. For viewers should be good news, shame to take its decision expects as always be sure that a product has successfully until the last second, otherwise the hell that they produce. With the American series renewals take place before the current season ends, for some even after the season premiere, allowing that the authors know when start typing and fans may know with certainty the period when their favorite characters come back to keep him company. The series becomes an annual fixed and allows the Viewer to increase the degree of loyalty that is crucial to the long life of a show. In Italy this programming is only impossible: a fiction makes big plays, but the confirmation and the consequent production coming in from, forcing viewers to wait until an undefined date for next season; Meanwhile we have already forgotten the names of the protagonists! Take for example another production Sky just think Romanzo Criminale, aired for the first time in November 2008, While the second series had to wait well 2 years (November 2010). And on the rare occasions when they tried to ride the wave by accelerating the realization of a product the results were mediocre, I'll forget about the second season of the tv series welcome to the table, that ruined everything good the first (and in fact the ratings plummeted).

The conclusion of all these observations is that of Gomorrah do not save anything. The topic is not original, but they could at least make an effort to really tell the tale from within, to be part, Instead the minds engaged and intellectuals who created it have not been able to resist the temptation to climb into the Chair and make us the moral; icing on the cake so called critics and experts, who praised the series even before you see it and without any critical spirit after seeing her, because provincial radical chic as good if something is serious and committed, and if you talk about relevant topics like the mafia, then you have to be beautiful. Gossip Girl It's not serious and not at all a masterpiece, But compared to Gomorrah deserves the Emmy for best drama series. The ridiculous scheduling decided by Sky, which also purports to do his tv series spearhead, gave the coup de grace to a product that had no one eligible to be treated as if it were a masterpiece. Evidently, however, they are quite convinced that we have created a work of art: in an interview in the Republic, Marco D'amore (interpreter of Cyrus) stressed that “Barack Obama sends a tweet to Kevin Spacey to congratulate him for House of cards, in Italy there is a local politician who has said a Word, Besides, there is one who reads books”; politicians will also be ignorant, but to compare Gomorrah such House of Cards should be included in the Penal Code as criminal acts.


3 thoughts on "A look at: Gomorrah – The Series – by R. and S.

  1. I totally agree with what I just read.
    the Italian tv setie stand out for boredom, the ripetitivitàe poverty screenplays.
    We can't leave the obvious; and, in addition to, our fiction should always be ' educational '.
    all have superimposed a sentence ‘ careful that we want to tell you what is good and what is bad, you have to sympathize with the good and despise the ugly '.
    I would say that authors and screenwriters have a miserable idea of the average viewer: a minus habens which is not able to detect whether the moral of a story lines, Unable to follow a complex plot and tiered.
    But I truly believe that the American series are followed only by dolescenti , or at most thirty-somethings?
    But where they live?
    Our fiction is riconoscom
    No from first look to a certain opacity of the photograph and a certain stillness of ' actors '.
    The gfirano like we were in the years 50 of 900 and not in the 2014;
    and over the years 50 our cinema has produced fine movie: We are not able to go beyond, we bask in how good we are and, as the national football team, We sink more and more everyday.
    our cinema, our tv, our literature do nothing but analyze, peer sezioonare your navel, Unable to speak to a human that lives beyond the Alps and, Meanwhile, the world gallops away from us.
    Never a flicker of imagination, an original idea: hagiographies, or eye on reality(only the camorra mafia Inc), but without any originality
    The Sopranos were a large fresco of mafia power, We're not that morons by not understanding that they were crooks, but the broadcast time was engaging, palpitavi, you supported for characters, did you know that happened at;
    When transmitting a fiction italaina let just scroll the time in anticipation of going to sleep;
    or keep it as background noise while you read a book, Italian author not if not you get depressed even more

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