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A long time ago, We used to be friends ": It took seven years, indeed, but the 14 March 2014 the Marshmallows all over the world have enjoyed the return to the screens one of the most beloved heroines and, at the same time, many underestimated: Veronica Mars.

The trepidation with which you have been waiting for this movie is the result of several factors; prima di tutto, the fan base Veronica Mars is one of the most solid and loyal in the world of tv series; Unlike the cult series, such as LOST, for which the bond among fans is helped by the fact that the series is appreciated more or less universally and from various demographic groups, Here the mechanism is not: fans are few but good and devoted to the extreme. And this also because the series is not meant to involve the LOST, We are far from level, just that level that leads to love it or hate it regardless, no particular use of critical spirit; to finish, the fact that you were suddenly interrupted after only three seasons, on the one hand it has stirred a feeling of betrayal that led, in turn, to further increase a sense of belonging, and the other did not give viewers the opportunity and time to get bored and leave you behind, physiological risk in long term series, one of Grey's Anatomy.

Another factor that helped create the hype for the film's release, directly connected to the fan base above, fundraising is launched on Kickstarter a year ago: numerous were the controversies that followed, with charges fans to be get fooled by the giant Warner Bros. As far as I'm concerned, I refer all allegations to the sender: insiders will know, indeed, that Veronica Mars would never ever had a sequel if the decision-making power he had remained in the usual powerful hands. Therein lies the difference with other projects launched on Kickstarter, as that of the film by Zach Braff: those other projects they had no need to be funded by viewers. Marshmallows were told: “If you want the movie let him alone, otherwise no deal”. And marshmallows have done. There is nothing, in my experience of addicted tv, It can be compared to the sense of involvement that is derived from this experience, incremented by the enthusiasm that all actors, led by Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas, demonstrated for the idea; not even considering the fans who have donated thousands of dollars and were actually named in the credits, watching this movie everyone has heard some’ proud to be, in qualche modo, State party.

Passing, instead, the film itself, expectations seem to be fully satisfied; It's been a while’ How to see an episode longer than usual, with the same structure, the same setting, and more or less the same dynamics, and that's what I'm glad: He gave the fans what they wanted fans. And it's so, then, that we find, one by one, all friends of Neptune (except Duncan), and we are curious to see what they do and what happened in their lives; It is precisely that climate that reigns at class dinners arranged after ten years from the end of high school, thing that creates an additional symbiosis between the viewer and the characters, all reported to Neptune, precisely, from the great “ten years high school reunion”.

The characters also found their stories, and above all the history, il triangle Logan-Veronica-Piz: who will be the chosen one? It was known for several months that the beginning of the film we would find Veronica and Piz in version perfect couple in New York, but honestly who have never believed? And in fact, how it should be, Veronica chooses Logan. And did not choose to end, When, solved the case and stayed single, asks him to stay with her; choose it from the start, When you forget about those suits and leaves home in his uniform with leather bag in front of him to come against the machine: that is the moment.

The mystery of the murder takes place well, with some good twists and anything that gives rise to particular concerns, exactly as in the series; and while the investigation takes place, in the surrounding context return, as fixed points, all the elements that have always characterized Veronica Mars: the stinging jokes, the tender but never maudlin relationship between her and her father, the pop culture references (Piz again that, arrived at Neptune High, says it looks like the Hellmouth, honoring Buffy) and constants quotes from the tv show; the best of these is the punchline of Logan: “Our story is epic“, direct and explicit reference to its Declaration of love in episode 2×20; There, but, Despite the fine words, between the two ended badly, Luckily this time we got a happy ending.

Another feature that I always loved Veronica Mars, and I'm glad have been maintained, is the highest number of guest stars (or guests who have become star only after): in the series include Leighton Meester, Dianna Agron and Jessica Chastain, just to nominate the first that came to my mind, and in the film we meet Justin Long, Jamie Lee Curtis, Dax Shepard (aka the husband of Kristen Bell, who is qualified), James Franco, Max Greenfield and many many more. Tell me I'm not the only one who likes to play “guess the celebrity” as she watches anything!

The only clarification I would make is that by introducing, Besides all these guest stars, also all the characters in the series, It is not necessarily due to reducing the space devoted to each of them: It would have been nice to go deeper into the stories of Mac and Wallace, for example. This is one reason why I agree with Vulture's article that suggests a movie 75 minutes every year, to give everyone the time they deserve.

We ask too much? The rest, the story remains open, Veronica and Logan got to have a future. It's LoVe.



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