American Horror Story: Coven – 3×02 Boy Parts – by R.


If there is a rule that mother series and movies with super powers have taught us is the principle of confidentiality: don't tell anyone unless absolutely necessary. And also the first episode of this season we had well warned about, When Fiona and Cordelia had remembered the young witches the importance of keeping the secret to avoid returning to the burnings of Salem; especially after a girl suspected of witchcraft (Misty Day/Lily Rabe, that was seen as reported in a dead bird life) had just been burned alive in the vicinity. Here's Zoe Benson it took little more than an episode for violating this rule mother: a few questions of the detective and without giving us no time to understand what was happening, the neo ' was already saying "We are witches, everyone here is a witch ". So much for not to attract attention! Luckily there's Fiona to sort it all out with a memory deletion worthy of the Man in Black Will Smith. After this and the massacre of students you would think the girls have learned their lesson. Nothing could be more wrong! Madison is a great idea to repay her roommate for killing their rapist doing resurrect her beau Kyle (Evan Peters). The two visit then the morgue to mend the pieces of the body of the boy and recite a spell of resurrection. Other rule violated: death is final; We hardly saw characters rise and back, generally they come back in the form of zombies (Even The Evil Queen in Once Upon a Time She managed to return a dignified life to his great love, 2×05); the only exception that I remember is Buffy (6×01), but in the same series attempting to Dawn to resurrect the mother had no good end (5×17). And here history seems to repeat itself: Kyle awakens, but his condition closely resemble Frankenstein (seams including). However it is here that Zoe's rescue comes the rediviva Misty Day – the opening scene of the episode in which he appeared again returning life Gators, who can take revenge of their hunters, should be showed to all lovers of the Chase – After all, what good is the power of resurrection if you can't use it on yourself? As much as the hope that this can help Kyle's trusted source for Zoe, You can't say the same of his mental conditions, appearing somewhat unstable.

The power of Misty may perhaps be regarded as the main theme of the episode, While her touch once to give life, all the other Witches seem to have difficulties with respect: While Madison and Zoe seek to revive Kyle, We discover that Fiona goes in search of eternal life, While his daughter Cordelia has problems in getting pregnant.

How is deducible from a few bars that have exchanged so far, the relationship between Cordelia and Fiona is not the best; Cordelia tries to break away from the power that the mother has on her, but in fact his attempts do not seem very convincing. The only form of “rebellion” exercising is the minimize the use of its powers, but obviously in relation to this, the desire to become a mother. And in fact yields to magic to make sure you stay pregnant with husband, that is fully aware of his true nature and indeed the Spurs in this decision (and also here: Luckily you have to keep it a secret!).

But now we get to Fiona. We left right after he unearthed Madame LaLaurie just to find out what his secret to eternal youth. Actually Delphine wasn't dead, anything but: in revenge for the torture that the serial killer had subjected her husband (including the fact that his head had been covered with a bull), the sorceress Marie Laveau (Angela Bassett) He "won" the immortality, that in the case of Madame has translated into a veritable hell. Not only Marie had killed husband and daughters of Delphine, but he had also buried alive: 180 years that could not help but think of the daughters hanged. At this point there is no other solution than to go to Fiona from Marie to get the same potion, which is not easy. The witch is in fact part of a lineage Laveau dedicated to voodoo, descended from the black slave Tituba: for these practitioners of voodoo Marie has the same role that Fiona has as its ultimate to the other Witches; This means that Fiona and Marie are enemies. Indeed, their meeting is not friendly.

But among the descendants of Tituba there is also one of the young inhabitants of the graduate school: the human voodoo doll Queenie (the star of Precious, Gabourey Sidibe). And then we have to ask why Cordelia has attracted at her school and if Marie forbid instead take her among its ranks, Once discovered its existence.

To give a touch of irony to the bet, aside from the exchange of banter between Fiona and Marie, strongly contributed Madame LaLaurie that (and he admitted that, Despite his behavior, loved his daughters, including that with a face like a hippo) has difficulty adjusting to the modern world; from screaming for the ringing of the phone to cars which are likely to be investing, Special mention deserves the treatment meted out to poor Queenie: How does a lady 1800s to a black girl who wanders around the House? Holding her up as a slave and hitting her on the head with a candlestick!

Many then the questions for the next episodes: the fate of Kyle and Misty, the ability to self-control of Zoe, last but not least, the consequences of the encounter between Fiona and Marie, also why not only the latter ensured eternal youth, but also gave to her hubby half bullnose!


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