American Horror Story: Coven – 3×03 The Replacements – by R.


The third season of American Horror Story gathers pace with this episode: new powers, new secrets revealed and ben 3 murders! Dominate the scene the ever amazing Jessica Lange, that opens and closes the episode with two twin scenes. And it is precisely these that we witness to two murders. The first (fairly predictable considering delusions from first wife Fiona) see how victim the previous Supreme, Anna Lee Leighton (Christine Ebersole, the mother of Dicaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street). Through a flashback we discover that night due to insomnia Fiona when she was still a student of the school had killed Anna Lee, striking her in the throat with a dagger, everything to become immediately the new Supreme; at the time, the Jovem Fiona had already expressed more powers – need at least seven because the Council can recognize it as the Supreme – but the Leighton, Meanwhile was weakening due to the increasing power of Fiona, not considered not ready for the position. Wait for the passing of time was not a virtue even during youth! In the current New Orleans though the role has been tipped, now it's Fiona who is increasingly weakening, the doctor informs her that cannot perform a cosmetic surgery because of his health. And who is that is getting stronger? The last one I would have expected, La capricciosa Madison. The attempted seduction of the new neighbor, Luke (Alexander Dreymon), gives rise to a fire when the young man is thrown out of little bigoted mother (Joan Ramsey/Patti LuPone), that in her dress skimpy can't see anything but the temptation of the devil: Madison has the power of fire. And’ Joan updating Fiona on the latest magical achievements of Roberts when he goes to complain about the intrusiveness of his students. A meeting between the two is obviously not idyllic, between mutual designations as "drunk" and "bigoted", funny that reveals developments in proximity of a school for witches and a hyper religious House. Fiona surprisingly assuming an attitude almost protective of what appears now as the next Supreme – much to make them discover another power, that is as a mind-controlling – but some of her looks betray the true feelings of envy toward the young and beautiful Madison. On his part, Madison still doesn't stand out for smarts, may not feed any suspicion towards valuable advice for the new teacher? Even Fiona gets to reveal their fates: Madison will be the new Supreme, While she is destined to die soon from cancer. And since I don't want to die badly impaired by the effects of chemo, pulls out the knife with which he killed Anna Lee asking Madison to reply against his act. And exactly in the same room, with the same weapon and with the same only witness, the Butler Spalding (Denis O’Hare), Fiona repeats the story: Despite feeling that Madison kill her, It is the latter to have the worse the resulting struggle. Madison finds herself on the carpet with his throat cut. Despite the initial look bewildered, Fiona reprises his role as saying in Spalding "This coven doesn't need a new Supreme. It needs a new rug ". Other than the transmission of knowledge to youth!

But now we come to the beloved Zoe, that unfortunately continues its stupidity. Now the omelet to revive Kyle was made, Let's at least limit the consequences. Instead, the best idea is you bring it back from the mother because – In addition to nourish the hope that the young person will recover by seeing – After having visited understood that suffers from too much without him. Never mind the fact that a woman who finds herself at the door the son apparently killed might also have an uncontrollable reaction. But after seeing who is consoled smoking weed and knowing he was going to hang himself, some more thought before you bring the son I would. Zoe no. Another wrong decision. Mom Alicia, played by Mare Winningham, It has absolutely nothing in common with the Momma of Lexie Grey who played in Grey’s Anatomy, It has in fact always sexually abused son and couldn't wait to come back to resume old habits. And it is precisely during these that realizes that the body of the son is no longer the same (the sewing operation by Madison and Zoe had not in fact as a starting point which all body parts used belonged to the original Kyle), which does not prevent it from continuing. But the new Kyle won't fit and smashes his head with a trophy. When Zoe returns from their find the corpse and her beau covered in blood. How it will react to this new disturbance?

Once again the ironic touch to the bet can be attributed to Kathy Bates, the fact that blacks not only are no longer slaves, but also have important positions in companies is incomprehensible. Screaming "Lies!"in that magic box that for her is the tv when he's broadcasting the second inaugural address of President Obama is the funniest moment of the episode. And to make matters worse for Delphine is the idea of Fiona to make it work as a waitress at the school, role becomes that of personal slave of Queenie when Miss Aryan Sisterhood – as it is called Madison – refuses to serve it at the table. This humiliation is not still nothing compared to what awaits her: While it's in the kitchen with Queenie – which points out that if you keep gorging on food "You never gonna catch a man that way" and "Peach cobbler won't keep you warm at night" – receives the visit of his old home, Bastien (Ameer Baraka), or rather the one that she herself had made a Minotaur. Scared finds support in Queenie, who offers to drive him away. Actually young's intentions are of a completely different nature. Having discovered the true identity of Delphine and why had punished Bastien – had violated his daughter, then "He was a beast in life" – lead her to feel empathically close to him: both are seen as two beasts when they deserve to be loved – a reasoning a little’ hasty perhaps. Leverages its power from human voodoo doll to seduce him, but after an initial indulgence, Bastien attacks. The question now is whether this is a violent attack or if, more likely, the Minotaur has realized that the girl was part of the lineage of his beloved Marie and have therefore decided to take her from her.

Little space in this episode to Cordelia that, While her mother discovers the disease, is informed by a doctor that will never have children. Apparently not even his spell had no effect. At this point it seems that the last hope is a fertility rite of Marie Laveau that, especially after the clash with Fiona, has no intention of helping her. And I wouldn't be surprised to the contrary. What else can go Cordelia to realize her dream?

Increase then the expectations for the next episodes, While this season is confirmed as fully in the hands of women, the only male characters have minor roles and are virtually mute.

To underline the effect déjà vu's vision of Kathy Bates in maid version, that can bring life to the final scene of Misery.


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