American Horror Story: Coven – 3×04 Fearful Pranks Ensue – by R.


And’ Halloween in New Orleans and American Horror Story honors fully the witch with an eventful episode. Starting with the final, strongly reminiscent of the last episode of the second season of The Walking Dead, When a horde of zombie storm Hershel's farm. Here to be surrounded by the undead is the Graduate School of the craft: Marie Laveau to avenge the death of the beloved Minotaur – beheaded by Fiona after the assault of Queenie – call alive some dead who from the cemetery heading directly towards the Miss Robichaux's Academy. In the AMC series that attack had meant the abandonment of a safe place for the protagonists, It will be the same for the witches of Murphy? The clash between the two sides seems inevitable – You can not just say that you waste time developing storylines – both were impressed into the thick and depending on how the witches will survive the attack of the zombies, the showdown will not wait. Who will win the day then? If Fiona has demonstrated its strength by defeating the Minotaur, There is no denying that Marie is currently the one apparently more dangerous: with his spells seem to have a wider variety of actions than simply sticking needles on puppets, so as you're used to imagine the voodoo; the call of the zombie is just the ultimate test. The same berates Cordelia that he addressed to Fiona enemy for the rite of fertility, thus implicitly admitting that the sorceresses of voodoo are stronger-as well as breaking an ancient truce Pact. The attack on the school is also an opportunity for further "nastiness" toward Delphine: the first three zombies that face the door are in fact her daughters; between these returns from the past and innovations of the 21st century its stability (If there ever was) is heavily at risk!

But the zombies of Laveau are just one of many issues that the witches face. The demise of Madison has attracted the attention of the Council, led by Myrtle Snow (Frances Conroy), establishing some sort of process to uncover the truth. The three members of the Council remind me very much of the Volturi Twilight, always ready to intervene on every event that could threaten the secrecy about the existence of vampires. At least the process put in place by Myrtle & co. It's not a farce like the Volturi. But that doesn't prevent Fiona get away with not only the death of Madison, but also on that of Anna Lee Leighton. With the usual expedient of flashback we discover that the young Myrtle had always suspected of culpability in the death of Fiona's previous Supreme, much to do a spell to Spalding language because it was obliged to tell the truth. But Spalding – unsurprisingly – is hopelessly in love with Fiona and not to betray it had cut my tongue.

News of this episode is the largest space reserved for male figures, starting from the same Spalding, that from the very first images proves to be not exactly the type that I would choose as guardian of my secrets. If the fact that he is in love with Fiona is not sufficient to remove him-at least to avoid false hope – more weight to that effect should have his secret: the trusty Butler not only likes to take tea with dolls and dress like a woman, but he even preserved the body of Madison, acconciandogli the hair according to Fiona's hairstyle. In short, somewhat disturbing traits that are added to his dumbness doesn't make it a quiet ally. At strange tendencies of Spalding adds the dear hubby of Cordelia; from the first scene had appeared as the only person who truly loved her, What a pity that not only hides lovers around the States, but beloved even to kill them. Obviously Cordelia unsuspecting and his persevering naivety looks a lot like Zoe – who in this installment has managed to miss from under her Frankenstein – with the aggravating circumstance of being a grown woman. A possible justification of its blindness towards the husband could be found in contempt that Fiona proof for the son-in-law – because "He reeks of bullshit" – its yet another rebellion against the mother who masquerade as usual falls into the void. So far the characters of Sarah Paulson and Taissa Farmiga are the most irritating to their inability to handle situations – even Delphine gets along better in step from nineteenth-century checkers to waitress – can they improve? When I have some more hope for Cordelia, acid substance with which was hit in the eyes by a masked figure of nero could have serious physical consequences, which can take her or a strong reaction or to take witchcraft still with more caution. We hope the first alternative, because if the battle there will be it is preferable that his role is not that of Mediatrix of peace. Added to this is the question of who attacked and why her; Marie was already involved with zombies, then the suspects should move to other, Maybe someone related to her husband's double life?

Ryan Murphy is in American Horror Story What is lacking in the other his creature Glee: the storylines are developed completely without unnecessarily lengthen the time, There are no characters placed there just to fill a space and every episode is eaten up at the last minute with the desire to see the next. Each episode confirms the decision to follow this new season.


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