American Horror Story: Coven – 3×05 Burn, Witch. Burn! – by R.


Finally block! My criticism of the characters of Zoe and Cordelia had prompt response in this fifth episode, both have given a major boost to their respective evolution. Let's start with Zoe that is crucial in fighting the onslaught of zombies controlled by Marie Laveau. Chainsaw in hand becomes deadlier by Leatherface and the weapon when the leaves have unknowingly discovers a new power: a few words – "Be in your nature" – and Marie can only surrender in the face of what she herself calls "some real power in that witch house". It's the first sign to identify the new Supreme futura? The most logical narrative choice, After the surprise Madison, Whereas it is the protagonist among young witches, but the internal dynamics of the series we'll have to see what he thinks Fiona, less and less willing to relinquish the scepter: wrinkles are not only for her a withering of outward beauty, but also of power – I still have to figure out which of the two most. Zoe still surprises in this grip of the situation, departing markedly from that attitude halfway between the naivety and stupidity that in recent episodes had led to far-sighted choices. We hope that this exploit is not due only to the adrenaline of the moment, but is the first step of maturation.

The evolution of Cordelia is less concrete, but you can bet that there will soon be able to find full realization; What has never been able to see with your eyes, He now manages – blinded by acid – see it with a simple touch: just tap the hand of husband to see the last of her cheating. How will he react? A result could be a reversal compared to the hostility had so far against Fiona, reconnecting to the mother, It has never failed to warn her about the falsity of Hank. Inter alia, for the first time Fiona proves to be capable of motherly love, staying close to his daughter in the hospital and a woman suggesting words that should tell her baby stillborn, Why can still feel his love (also does the newborn back to life), probably the same words that you regret never having told Cordelia. A new mother-daughter relationship could have important repercussions on the identification of new Supreme, Fiona Cordelia to encourage bringing in any title contention. That a mother's love can make easier the passing the torch? Some Fiona confirms once again that it has no intention of abdicating, the releases its main opposition, Myrtle, hooking beater – with the help of Queenie – as responsible for what happened to his daughter and condemn to death. All this proves that he has not lost his manipulative, getting human voodoo doll that his powers could has gained her the role of Supreme, After all – to the delight of Delphine – There would be a good color Supreme? I honestly thought Queenie was a tad smarter and not get fooled by two thumbs up, but maybe I should imagine the opposite from his encounter with the Minotaur.

Maternal love for Delphine, that is what she calls "The only kindness I ever did for her" killing the daughter Borquita zombie version. No wonder the daughters hated enough to haunt her even from death, not only walked away with terrifying jokes their suitors, but they themselves were victims of his torture. It must be said, however, that if you know you have a mother and somewhat disturbed serial killer, I don't think it's the greatest ingenuity plotting against her within the walls of his own home! Worth also stressed the improvement of its relationship with Queenie, being passed from the top of the candlestick his defense against zombies.

Small appearances, but significant ones of Spalding and Misty. She reappears at the end of the episode to resurrect Myrtle, always with that pace that makes you think a little’ Heavenly spirit and a little’ for a while under the influence of any substance. Spalding instead everything is committed to hide his secret – prefers hitting by zombie that reveal how decked out her room – but the laws of nature are likely to rip him off: Madison's body begins to smell and to deteriorate, How will without her doll body? Both seem ever so much ido and disturbing at the same time, giving me the feeling that at any moment they may become more dangerous of old Madame LaLaurie.

We will have to see what will be the reactions of the witches by defeats outputs this episode, La rediviva Myrtle and Marie. There could be an Alliance against Fiona? And turning to the male universe, What happened to Kyle? In the context of Halloween might even be unnoticed, but not being right in stable condition, unlikely to maintain a low profile – also because there is always half of the corpse of the mother – and Zoe can't certainly abandon it. Let us hope that at least a reappearance of her lover don't make her return to the version before the chainsaw.


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