American Horror Story: Coven – 3×06 The Axeman Cometh – by R.


The men start to get more and more road in the universe of witches by Ryan Murphy. They began as contour figures to get slowly to become actively involved in the dynamics of the protagonists, among secrets, intrigues and murders. Maybe the man who in this episode had less relevance is precisely the Axeman (Danny Huston) of title: It's true that it's crucial to find Madison, But compared to the development of its history has seen little. Opened and closed the episode. After an incipit totally devoted to his past, his character remains in the background of the entire episode, with some kind of work here and there, giving accelerated only in the final, with threats to Cordelia and especially with the meeting with Fiona. In each case by the last few minutes we can expect a significant progression in the near future. I must say though that if Murphy's intent was to scare, the goal is not fully centered: the words with which the Axeman describes – "Most horrible murderer", "Close to the Angel of Death" – suggest a dangerous and ruthless serial killer, but between that strange fixation for jazz and his swindled from the first group of girls who meet – alright, were delle streghe, but they didn't use perhaps exceptional spell to stab him – at times tends to fall into the ridiculous. Shooting a little’ in the attack on Cordelia – poor, all her captain – but overall I found most disturbing storylines interpreted placed by Eric Stonestreet episode Piggy Piggy the first series (American Horror Story: Murder House 1×06).

Big reveal instead regarding the hubby faithless: is a Witch Hunter hired by Marie Laveau to prevent Fiona collects new students for its school. I am not very informed on this figure, in fact I think I've heard of it just for the movie Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, so I don't know how to evaluate it; However, Hank is a little’ contradictory, does the Witch Hunter and joins forces with another witch? And’ true that Buffy was allied with vampires, but the circumstances were very different from a paycheck. Looming even the cliché of the predator who falls prey, Although he denies to love Cordelia; We'll see if he can carry out the mission entrusted to him, If he really is in love, I doubt they will decapitate her Delia. The first pictures of Hank all expecting except that it proves shrewd – seemed so good and calm – let alone a Witch Hunter in disguise; and for ben 3 years has managed to handle brilliantly his double life, Despite being surrounded by a coven of witches and had a mother-in-law like Fiona.

Similarly for Spalding, in his early appearances was simply as the trusty Butler, ready to sacrifice body and soul – literally – to protect Fiona. Then they started to emerge its disturbing traits, up to this time to attack Zoe – it finds the rotting body of Madison – which save you from becoming also a doll through the intervention of Queenie and Nan. Even before the torture to which it is subjected by the three, does not yield but on the truth about what happened in Madison: prefer having to killer – as well as sexually deviant – rather than engage his beloved. About it being disturbed there is little doubt, but I don't know if they classify it as a relatively harmless or possibly dangerous. Certainly at the time I find it more disturbing the Axeman.

Makes his reappearance Kyle, It finally frees us from Misty's stereo – which makes it more angry than it was when they burnt. Obviously the only one who can give them a minimum of balance is Zoe, but she also understands that keep it at school is not a great idea, among the possibilities that you learn as much as you do and Madison did and what he could do in a moment of anger. However I hope from this reunion of the two may arise more space for the deepening of their relationship, with everything that might lead to reflection on the evolution of their characters, because so far the resurrection by Kyle – unless the encounter between Zoe and Misty – had little impact on history; had it not been for his mother's story, I'd forgotten.

Among women to take Zoe again, It handles well every event, even his first use of the Ouija Board; as far as the latter is dangerous – but has never seen The Exorcist? – the goal is worth the risk and eventually gets along. Although the aftermath of his recent work I fear will be felt. Among other things his powers increase every episode and she always looks more at ease in the role of witch. Perhaps we can truly say goodbye to Zoe naïve.

Little space for senior: Delphine has not just vista – which is no matter a shame – While Fiona begins to come to terms with her illness and subsequent decay.

Overall an introductory episode of the figure of the Axeman, with important developments for other characters, that bodes well for what lies ahead. The only drawback: Madison amnesia about what happened; the usual trick to lengthen the time of showdowns.


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