American Horror Story: Coven – 3×07 The Dead – by R.

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A metà stagione l’evoluzione dei personaggi di American Horror Story si delinea più decisivamente, indirizzando con maggior chiarezza le relative storyline. Ormai le carte sono quasi del tutto scoperte e ognuno deve iniziare a scegliere che ruolo avere nel futuro della congrega. E fra le protagoniste, Zoe ha preso seriamente il via e ora sarà difficile fermarla. The girl ingenue and fearful of the first episodes is permanently behind and gives way to a conscious and combative witch. Also his moments with Kyle, that so far had been his main weaknesses, take on a different shade; There is still some hesitation with the Young Frankenstein, but, After the initial attempted murder, Zoe takes a final decision, opting for riskier choice to keep it with him and help him readjust to life. The feelings blossomed in the first episode didn't seem to still dormant on both sides, Although Kyle is in an existential situation more complexed – memories of mother abuser, his body is a puzzle of his deceased friends – so far, Zoe was the only one able to calm him down; In addition, as the recalls Madison, the young witch does not run the risk of recurrence in the role of black widow because the guy is already dead. A story that seemingly could depart from platform (più o meno) right, but that is part of the variable Madison. Understanding the result of having both lived the experience of death, causes the girl and Kyle!!, also physically – Zoe catches them red-handed – allowing it to exit the post-resurrection apathy. Murphy gives us though the competition between the two witches, giving instead to Zoe's involvement in a love triangle with unpredictable developments. The character of Farmiga shows its maturation especially in the field of witchcraft, When it comes to return the language in Spalding because confess guilt by Fiona, to kill him for having achieved its purpose. Zoe has no more problems with the blood, nor with the spells, It doesn't even have a moment of hesitation. This has certainly helped you discover that Fiona killed Madison to suspect that it was the new Supreme: Zoe realized to develop new powers, which could make you the next victim of Goode.

When Zoe is a candidate to take over the role from protagonist in the near future, While the outgoing Supreme continues to weaken. If we ever needed proof, This episode confirms how Fiona is a magnet for the maniacs – some question whether might also ask; In addition to Spalding, There is indeed the Axeman who confesses to have observed since the age of 8 years and love it; in una parola: a stalker. Nothing to do, the character of the Axeman did not take off, continues to appear simply weird, While his murders are reduced to an accessory that can not make it particularly, nor disturbing. Spalding taking tea with the dolls evoked far more angst.

And’ a stone's throw from the change deployment instead Queenie, that after the words by Delphine makes a sort of reconnaissance by Marie Laveau. And’ interesting how the element that the young witch considers the source of discrimination than her companions and the fact of being fat, While they serve Madame's words to make them shift the focus on to be black. In fact the portrayal of Queenie seems more in step with the times, but maybe Delphine has a point to point out how actually things haven't changed much since the 19th century. Indeed they might have both right. The issue of discrimination receives large space on the show by Ryan Murphy, over the episodes shows us in every facet, dosing at best irony and meanness. The same contrast between the cabal of Fiona and Marie puts it clearly in the foreground. Not to mention being witches that in itself in the past has long been a source of persecution. And’ very significant in this respect the attitude of Fiona in the face of racist behaviour by Delphine, immediately criticized with the words "There's nothing I hate more than a racist" – as well as transforming her into the Lady's maid by Queenie (3×03). The difficulties of the latter are absolutely understandable, However so far within the school I remember great moments have been abused, If not from Madison – but it is unfortunate no matter – and by Delphine. Unlike Fiona helped her and has also involved – although to your advantage – in the plan against Myrtle, promising lessons for the future. The relationship with Delphine is nothing short of improved, as demonstrated by sincere conversations of this episode; and let's not forget that Madame saved her from the attack of the daughter-zombie Borquita. Yet Queenie yields to meet the requirement of Marie to deliver Delphine, in hopes of joining a coven in which feel more accepted. I sincerely hope that the human voodoo doll to reconsider and try to rectify. Among other things for the first time in its long existence Delphine seems to have found in her a friend and the same goes for Queenie. I'm not so much convinced of the honesty of Marie towards possible new adept: If his coven was the real home of Queenie, Why exploit it to get revenge on Delphine? Is it not the same attitude of Fiona?

The fate of Delphine is the question mark I press for the next episodes. But while also having the return of Hank, We saw only a few seconds surrounded by weapons with which to cause attacks Cordelia school. And the latter will address his mother after finding out that he lied about Madison?


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