American Horror Story: Coven – 3×08 The Sacred Taking – by R.


Veramente credevate che fosse così semplice liberarsi di Fiona? Un antico rituale e qualche giochetto per spingerla al suicidio e avrebbe lasciato il trono? Cordelia e Myrtle dovrebbero sapere che serve ben altro; anzi che è quasi del tutto impossibile. E invece proprio loro che conoscono meglio la Goode sono convinte di riuscire nell’obiettivo: fare in modo che si tolga la vita così che la nuova Suprema possa ascendere. Only Madison is realistic "You really expect that narcissistic bitch to kill herself for this coven?". And although at the beginning this naive and haphazard plan seems to succeed – thanks largely to the play of Madison – just something to do with Spalding to ruin everything. The trusty Butler just died reappears in the form of spirit, the reveal makeup and free from poison; in this series there is possibility to get rid of someone permanently. From the beginning we were well 5 resurrections (Misty, Kyle, Madison, Myrtle and in this installment the bigoted Joan) and 2 reappeared as spirits (The Axeman and Spalding); at least if he dies someone else, We won't have to worry too much. And precisely because of resurrections, Misty, is considered to be the new Supreme; seriously? Agree that his power is huge, but his mental state raises more than a few concerns. Already the witches are dying out like Tigers, If we entrust to her their leader I doubt there will be a turnaround. Inspired by one of the last slogan in the WWE "This is not what's best for the coven". And she herself opposite the description of Cordelia responsibilities descendants from the role – that seem to suggest a certain amount of doubt mixed with envy-gets scared immediately and is quick to say "I don't want to be the Supreme". As if Spiderman had chosen to be Spiderman! He teaches "with great power comes great responsibility": He was overjoyed at the idea of becoming the Supreme and only two words to make her hesitate. Of course at the moment the only to have faith in you is Myrtle – just because he brought back to life — the others seem more willing to take the role. Fiona has some doubt as to his heir, much they want proof of his power, asking her to give back life to Joan, injured from the shooting set up by Hank, that actually aimed to hit Nan. As learned from Criminal Minds, great trick to hit more people not to understand what the real objective. But it seems that the man still did not understand the scope of the new power of wife, that just touch your silver bullet – but no use for werewolves? – to understand that the real target is the coven.

In the latter episode, I would say that now the turns that were one step away are completed: Cordelia rebels against the mother – so much so that the same Fiona comes to consider the plan of his suicide as a reason for maternal pride – the witches coven on the current Supreme, While Queenie is part of Marie. The first two reports must necessarily be put aside temporarily in the face of the threat represented by the Witch Hunter; But if Cordelia has already admitted that the Union with Fiona in this circumstance is required, No one knows how they might take it the other, in particular the victims of the Supreme. And’ always hard to put aside personal grudges against a common enemy, let alone if it is witches.

Queenie is a disappointment: is convinced that he combined with his real cabal, While I realize that Marie is simply taking advantage of it to take revenge on Delphine and her most degrading tasks. His need to feel loved prevents you from seeing reality. Neither the words of Madame, nor the most pungent of Madison make them open their eyes. Meanwhile Marie continues torturing Delphine, that his immortality, He doesn't realize that this is your worst weakness: cannot die causes the wounds can be repeated endlessly and then with an infinite pain. But I think now the character of Kathy Bates you understand: If that wasn't enough the hand cutting, decapitation – with head still perfectly parlante – have to have understanding. But now that Fiona has received "the gift" her head, I hope you find a way to help her.

Seems to be already at the end the ménage à trois Zoe-Kyle-Madison: the young in fact uses the few words learned to confess his love to Zoe. Madison though, He has heard, does not seem at all pleased, which suggests that the relationship with the young man meant something more than a simple escape apathy post-resurrection. The latter development a tad predictable, that is likely to lead to the rivalry between the two young witches who had been averted by the common acceptance of the triangle.

Deserves a few words the nearby bigoted Joan, played by Patti LuPone, He hoped he had more space. We quickly realized that his extreme bigotry could be dangerous and in fact does not stop even in front of son. Convinced that it is unclean because of the nearby, submit it to torture worthy of the mother of Kane in film See No Evil – Il Collezionista di Occhi. We hope at least that his resurrection is the bearer of a growth of his storyline.

Murphy's story continues so important, but with some flaws here and there, between repetitive events (constant resurrections), unconvincing plot twists (let alone if the character of Jessica Lange would die halfway through the season) and foreseeable developments (the reaction of Madison and torture of Marie). However the story continues to be interesting and give these developments bore, but by intrigue to the next episode.


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