American Horror Story: Coven – 3×09 Head – by R.


Head. This is the title of the ninth episode of American Horror Story. Abbastanza logico considerando gli ultimi minuti dell’ottavo, con Fiona che riceve la testa parlante di Delphine. E in effetti una parte dell’episodio è dedicata proprio a questa testa, che nessuno sembra volere però. The only one who still has a minimum of interest for Madame is Queenie, that before giving the final death by burning it – apparently the fire works in spite of immortality, as for vampires – wants to "convert", free it from ignorance than black people, undergoing a kind of brainwashing through the vision of various tv shows with blacks as protagonists. Right now they can finally fulfill his greatest desire, die, Here's that former friend wants sottoprla to what in his view is yet another torture. The goal of Queenie is deserving, a sort of reeducation, greater responsibility than she has done in the past; ultimately a full immersion that should have the same effects as a convict prison path. If the attitude of the human voodoo doll is understandable – that short form of friendship with the woman keeps her from making a mere revenge – just as you can't say that of Marie. Between flashback and present we've been inundated by his vengeful intentions, only the last episode had hinted that torture would be endless and now just wants to get rid of it? Even giving her what she wants – death? And’ a contradiction. Let her live it would have been far more logical in comparison with the intentions she always expressed. And’ true that two centuries to brood about what happened to his daughters for his fault may be considered sufficient to make him pay, but not from the point of view of Marie, that has never been shown a modicum of mercy towards his enemies – just remember how she had treated Cordelia. Returning to Queenie, its goal is achieved, the song about the freedom of the slaves who loved to hear her grandmother manages to get to the soul of Delphine, just when the young witch was hit by a gunshot by Hank. And it is the latter's head that takes as much relevance. The character of Hank has gained importance slowly; at the beginning you knew that Cordelia was married, then went from hubby in love and to whom you can confide everything – even being a witch – the faithless (and serial killer) unscrupulous, to be a Witch Hunter. And anything but improvised; in this episode we discover that it is not just a family tradition (as you might expect from the initial minutes), but there is a real "Sacred Order", whose members are part of a "Brotherhood pledged in blood". Obviously as witches are adequate for the 21st century, hunters cannot be outdone, in fact, this order is behind a major company – a setting much like the nymphs of hunters Nymphs. At the head of it all is his father, who doesn't have a great confidence in the son, Mindful of his first experience with a witch; and has a point given the stupid mistakes that continues to make. Leave aside that it is truly in love with Cordelia: It's a cliché, but is always appreciated; but the traces left by the redheaded witch/lover and this time the launch here and there guns are slides that Buffy, the only worthy of being Slayer, He never committed. Are stupid mistakes that you pay, in fact just a gun shoot himself in the mouth is used by Queenie abandoned for activating his power: here in the head of poor Hank POPs a nice hole. I say "poor" because basically for the cliches of love for witch I found it funny and although cannot be considered a perfect Hunter, his character I liked, emerged slowly, revealing aspects that at the beginning I would have never suspected. If Queenie had waited a few seconds before pulling the trigger, It would also shed Marie, which I would not have minded. Too bad the story of Hank has already concluded, the revelation of his true identity to his wife at a crucial time would be interesting. Now the Director of the fight against witches of New Orleans goes fully into the hands of the Corporation, you will certainly fewer problems than Hank. And this seems to be aware of the same Marie, who agrees to ally himself with Fiona.

Don't forget that we finally know who's behind the blinding of Cordelia: the Corporation, that in this way he hoped to make it totally dependent on Hank (unaware of the Act). Did not consider that the love between the two was already more than enough to keep them United States, While they have ruined everything. It's not that they're much smarter than Hank.

And there is also room for another “finally”, regarding the character of Patti LuPone. Thanks to spiritualist Nan is unveiled its past: the bigoted Joan could not confine itself to the nearby Cable Guy and religious fanatic, in fact before moving near the witches had killed her husband, guilty of adultery, Obviously masking everything with an accident – fill your car by bees knowing full well that the man you are allergic you even more cunning and subtle poison used by Hannah in Dexter. The pious woman does not even too many scruples, just a few tears of the son who confirms to know the truth about father's death, because the choke with a pillow. The characters reveal themselves bigots always particularly disturbed – excess hurts around – and if this is associated with maternal figure – that twist and turn is always more or less directly responsible for various evils – the lethal outcome is almost always assured, my example maximum continues to be the mother of Kane in See No Evil. Eventually Joan turned out to be an interesting character although catalyst of various stereotypes, which partially tainted the mystery that characterized.

And what about instead of Myrtle? And’ always seemed a little’ strange, but his side to be surgeon-killer is a fun discovery: will his way to re-emerge from a past nerdy outcast? She who "plays" with the various parts of the body of former Council colleagues and Delphine scenes were definitely the funniest of the episode, they have well balanced the shock of the shooting in the store by Marie; shock, not so much for the shootout itself as the main victims, Queenie and Hank.

An episode full of events and revelations, with an unexpected ending that leaves the question: Queenie is dead? And’ true that Hank shot, but it doesn't look like a lethal wound, While the blow that she did leave theoretically should not touch it, having used his power. And Delphine will be spared now that showed his human side? In all of this a (large) absent: The Axeman; its majestic entrance presaged a crucial role, but, not that I miss you, What happened to?


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