American Horror Story: Coven – 3×10 The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks – by R.


La principale notizia di questo nuovo episodio è che finalmente c’è un personaggio terrificante. Do Not, non sto parlando dell’Axeman, riappare per pochi minuti, ma il suo ruolo di confidente di Fiona lo rende ancora più ridicolo. La rivelazione è Papa Legba (Lance Reddick) – un dio del voodoo che mette in collegamento col mondo degli spiriti – ossia colui che ha “donato” l’immortalità a Marie in cambio della sua anima. It looks like a "bargain", but in reality the Pope wants more: originally the first and only son of woman love with Bastien, afterwards, every year, an innocent soul (that usually results in a neonate). A trade that, how distressing, It's quite the norm of "pacts with the devil" – and what about in Craster Game of Thrones sacrificed sons to White Walkers (2×02 The Night Lands)? – but the character set itself, the costume presentation and talk, making it truly one of the most disturbing I've ever seen. Ryan Murphy this time hit the mark, This is dark with red eyes, that makes her unrecognizable and interpreter that accepts as a gift worthy of him cocaine offered by Fiona, can really be a source of nightmares. All at odds with a name that should convey confidence. A different story than the glamorous woman (Isabella Rossellini) that gave everlasting beauty to Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep in Death Becomes Her, but of course that doesn't stop Fiona, He sees in a step that search from the first episode; in fact, to get what you want, promises to accept any condition that shapes up in the future Pope – including lame daughter. But – surprise – There is an insurmountable obstacle, explaining that the Supreme attitudes had during her lifetime: the woman has no soul. This I did not expect, It is true that it is bad, But even without a soul…as you can? And she even if you wonder, He seems pleased, take advantage of this news as justification for his acts, which now include getting rid of all the craft because they are a threat to his throne. Fiona changes so the initial plan – the most papabile successor to ingratiate, Misty, causing them to meet his idol, Stevie Nicks, participating as a guest star as herself – in favour of a more definitive option. And start, drowning together with Marie poor Nan: in this way, Fiona gets rid of a possible problem, While the Laveau a soul gets to donate to Papa Legba.

The lack of a soul would justify even the Goode behavior to Cordelia: accept azzopparla comes after the worst words a mother might say to a daughter, After discovering the true identity of Hank "You can't help anyone. You're worthless, hopeless ". If it weren't so controlled Cordelia, Fiona could do the same end of the mother of Emma The Following (2×01 Chapter Two). And this was after just two episodes ago described himself as proud of her when she had plotted to push to suicide (3×08 The Sacred Taking). Marie cannot be regarded as the most perfect of mothers, a witch can really think that one as Papa Legba is satisfied of his soul? All the mothers in this series does not stand out for maternal instinct: starting from Delphine demonstrated that in some cases it is better to refrain from procreating, or at least entrusting their children to someone more capable. Certain Cordelia is completely different from Fiona, suggesting that he took from his father and at this point the question arises, who is the dad? Fiona has never appointed – in this episode is coming to claim to have discovered love just recently, then the man of her life would be the Axeman (the biggest joke of the episode) – nor Cordelia, so I'm afraid that the question will remain unanswered.

The Supreme is not the only one who cares to eliminate possible rivals, There's also Madison, Since you resurrected believes to be the only one that can take the place of Goode. The young witch becomes increasingly bitch, but one thing I can't blame her, How do you think that Misty is able to assume the role of Supreme? Beyond any injury, It is objectively difficult to consider it a balanced person or otherwise capable of handling a command role. And in fact as much as understands that Madison – and beyond – feel stupid, This does not prevent her easily fall into his trap: the swamp witch is buried alive and here his power will stop at nothing. Among young witches start to manifest themselves early struggles and – with the loss of Nan-in pole position seems Madison. My favorite, Zoe, remains behind the scenes, not only the Supreme issue, but in General. And’ the confession of love by Kyle that practically it is more a leading role. Indeed it could be said that many storylines are more or less by the, see Kyle whose role is not yet understood; and the same triangle that was involved is so far fallen into thin air. Perhaps the latter is the most negative of the series: There are many interesting stories, but are treated poorly or closed offhanded – recent examples are Hank personalities, Nan and Joan. From this point of view it is recognised as the same Ryan Murphy's mind Glee: many characters, many ideas, but somewhat limited development.

The latter criticism relates the lack of mention of Queenie and Delphine, whose fate remains unknown, not just us, But even young witches. In three episodes from the end the focus seems to be climbing the throne of Cabal's Supreme, interspersed with infighting and the threat of common enemy, the Corporation of the Witch Hunters. When I find the most dangerous disputes between the same, but I hope to be proven wrong, otherwise the Corporation is likely to make the same end of the Axeman.


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