American Horror Story: Coven – 3×11 Protect the Coven – by R.


Delphine LaLaurie sarà macabra, sadica, razzista, ma in questa stagione di American Horror Story nessuno batte il suo personaggio. Nemmeno Jessica Lange, che per quanto sia sempre la regina della serie, nei panni di Fiona Goode tra l’ossessione per l’eterna bellezza e l’amore per l’Axeman in alcuni momenti rischia di cadere nel ridicolo.

Delphine is back – with Queenie – is in one piece and, Despite that apparent repentance of the finale of the ninth episode, dusts off her old habits from unnamed torturer. A flashback allows us to discover the true "motivations" behind his acts: It's not so much the desire to maintain flawless skin thanks to the "benefits" of human blood, because the pleasure that draws in the cut, Open, torture the body of a black man and to hear his cries of pain. The just see a servant of Cordelia injured to return to feel that uncontrollable need and turn into a macabre nurse, a process similar to that of Joe Carroll in The Following When he returns to action after a long abstinence (2×02 For Joe). Delphine's face lights up in front of the blood of his victim, bringing back a little’ of “relief” After all I had to bear than those witches (in the true sense of the word); Although some satisfaction sometimes – see the dishes he prepares – If he removes. Too bad that that spirit troublesome Spalding joke about her, thereby creating a delusion about the possibility of eliminating forever Marie: It is easy to win against one that has stops at 18th and. However, hope is not lost, There is always the option to bury her alive well good, what looks like the only choice feasible to eliminate some character, Here are all the way back! And the resurrection did not even enhancing effects, in fact they all look worse: It will be for the reacquisition of the language, but Spalding became terribly petulant and his trouble far from disappearing leads him to exploit Delphine to obtain before a particular doll – with certificate of authenticity of course-then keep the newborn that Marie had managed not to sacrifice to Papa Legba and thus have his first living doll.

Even Queenie is back, but do not know how, and his new dislike competes with that of Madison. Reserved words in Cordelia are pure and unjustified viciousness; This his anger towards the world is becoming boring. If his return were not accompanied by that of Delphine, I would find it totally unnecessary.

For Madison I already ruled, his egocentrism persists and gives its best when you bit into the live by the refusal of Kyle, so much so that Myrtle convinces Zoe to leave before the kill. My favorite for climbing the Supreme throne – the one who discovered the truth about the death of Nan – traveling with Kyle to Orlando, but his final look confirms the skepticism about the decision to go, then hopefully take advantage of bus stops. A his farewell would be disappointing and senseless than a series that took her as a starting point. And then, Let's face it, who else can stand with dignity as the Supreme except Zoe? NaN is dead, Misty was buried alive, Madison and Queenie are so angry with the world that would destroy the coven at first not receiving. Remains Cordelia, but since recovered his eyes fell into a black hole from which doesn't look like he can get out. Anything but, between the loss of clairvoyance and become the danauk of all falls into madness when he stabs his eyes hoping to recover the visions and therefore be useful for the cabal.

If Queenie's words were the straw that broke the camel's back, to arm really that hand was Fiona with the constant humiliation and reproaches against the daughter. I'm surprised then wants to rush to his bedside, which does not last long, too busy to "reward" his beloved for his help in killing of hunters. Yes, Finally the Axeman does something besides playing the sax and seduce Fiona: his blood and blotting accepts returns to free us in one fell swoop all "managers" of the Corporation. The end was afraid there is indeed ridiculous thing happened: all it took was a fake offer of truce because Holy orders that existed since the days of Salem would destroy in five minutes, Luckily it was Hank unable one!

The Elimination of the problem hunters and the possible disappearance of Marie suggests that the last two episodes will focus solely on the internal struggle to the cabal, the main theme that accompanied us throughout the series. I reiterate what I said in previous post, namely that the parallel storyline could be completed better and not, as last hunters, closed without too many compliments, by passing its protagonists as the poor idiots.

To reserve fun surprises is Myrtle, the only one that came back from the dead can be said to be "improved"; Maybe he is not the most appropriate term to define it than he did to his former colleagues in the Council, but his jokes to French fashion, Food and jewelry, those glasses from schoolteacher and light-hearted manner of speaking make it particularly funny, as well as the perfect host Real Time and similar programs. Regardless of what happens in the last episodes, Myrtle and Delphine can alone make the season worthy of being followed and their "pearls of wisdom" will be hard to forget.


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