American Horror Story: Coven – 3×12 Go To Hell – by R.


The Supreme is dead. Non avrei mai pensato che questo potesse accadere ad un episodio dalla fine. Eppure così è: Fiona è stata uccisa a colpi d’accetta dal suo innamorato, disperato e infuriato per il suo prossimo abbandono. Effettivamente la Suprema se l’è cercata, l’ha usato per sentirsi viva nei giorni in cui si stava deteriorando a causa della malattia, ma era pronta ad andarsene senza di lui di fronte alla prospettiva del recupero fisico.

Behavior that would have angered every companion, But if it touches an unrepentant stalker as the Axeman has a tragic outcome already written. Obviously the Axeman had a sudden increase of intellect, was taken from Cordelia, whose self-defeating Act allowed her to recover the clairvoyance, discovering the mother's plan. The vision showed that, Despite the apparent tranquility, the Goode was preparing a real extermination of young witches, a bloodbath that would have smeared every corner of immacolata school. A scene worthy of a horror that is being replaced by two other equally splatter; After the murder of his beloved, to want to confirm his weak nature, the seduced and abandoned rails against the entire Coven, which can only bring it to certain death, stabbed multiple times by all witches and Kyle. Good riddance! And’ officially the most vapid series, even Luke had a more significant role; his actions most relevant were the massacre of hunters and the killing of Fiona, but in both cases we can consider her as the creator of everything. And its end was equally ridiculous, believed to fend against a group of witches, When these it was enough to raise your hand to block it; as it has done in the past to be a feared serial killer? The only one that would have saved him is Myrtle, Afterall he pleased with the longed for death of Fiona and as said Cervantes "Where there is music, There can be no evil " – spares no ever his pearls of wisdom! One of the few times that I do not agree with her; that sax doesn't fail me absolutely.

Fiona is then forced to bow out, so rather humiliating for a superb woman like her: He greets us with yet another outburst determined by did not wish to surrender in front of the passage of time, For more at the hands of that useless man. Just not the came into your head that you have to give up when it is still at the top. We give space to the youth. And’ un po’ a pity that the protagonist regards a step from conclusion, but it must be said that his character had said everything: except some times when showed sides of itself more valuable, Fiona Goode will be remembered as one of the most powerful Supreme, but because of his vanity was not able to assume the responsibilities of his role or to evolve as a person. The acceptance of change wasn't right for her. At least he had a worthy portrait in the place he wanted.

An episode that saw the departure of two other senior: Marie and Delphine are both finished in hell under the control of Papa Legba. In an episode of Angel (2×15 Reprise) hell we were presented as the earth itself, an image depressing, but sensible. American Horror Story does not differ greatly by showing us a postmortem no flame and little devils, but given by a personal representation of the underworld: If by Delphine is to be closed in one of the cages, helpless in the face of torture to which it is subjected his daughter, Marie is the one who reluctantly is the author of these tortures. "No one gets away with sin. Eventually everybody pays. Everybody suffers "with these words Papa Legba justifies the fate of two women, not that we hadn't arrived alone, but Marie instead needed explanations, convinced that his good deeds could balance the wrongs done (believe it seriously?). If I don't mind one bit Laveau, I can't say the same for Delphine, poor Madame has for the past two centuries that lives a living hell and now that finally had found a purpose in life – do by Cicero in his old home to "fix" the vision of her sold to tourists – really is sent to hell. It was so much fun in the role of guide! Without forgetting the last lesson on the value of repentance that has given us, on which you can not disagree and that inevitably made me think about the character of Emma Watson Bling Ring When he professes his repentance before the cameras, hoping to rectify that and maybe someday become President; the make amends in front of the whole world is not synonymous with real sorrow for their sins, but a public humiliation and easily with the only purpose to be forgiven: the only thing we regret is having been caught. Once a 19th century perspective which highlights many hypocrisies of 21st century.

With the departure of Fiona young witches prepare to face the test of Seven Wonders to determine who will be the new Supreme. Misty – reclaimed by Queenie and Cordelia – Madison, Queenie and reentrant Zoe – his elopement didn't last no time to notice his absence (It was so necessary?) – all are in pole position, being apparently unable to exercise the powers required to become the heir of Fiona. Who bet? Personally-even putting aside my preference for Zoe – rule out Misty and Madison, both of the characters that do not lend themselves to a role of responsibility and maybe easily distractible hostility existing between them – their clash was even better of recent female wrestling match in WWE. Leave me a lot remain undecided and Zoe Queenie – Murphy, however, would still have to explain the true Coven of human voodoo doll – and I can't deny having made some reflections on Cordelia, I finally knew how to defeat the mother with cunning and without getting your hands dirty. It only remains to wait for the season finale and watch the test, hoping that during the episode being given space to Kyle, whose sense within the story still escapes me.



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