American Horror Story: Coven – 3×13 The Seven Wonders – by R.


Fra i due litiganti il terzo gode. Questo detto può essere la perfetta sintesi del finale di American Horror Story: Coven. Erano in quattro fanciulle a contendersi lo scettro di Suprema e quando ormai sembrava che la Congrega fosse condannata dall’affermazione di Madison, ecco che Myrtle ha un’intuizione che segna l’ascesa di Cordelia.

I hoped, but I didn't believe; and the sweet Delia exceeds one after another all the trials of Seven Wonders – including resurrect the poor Zoe – thus becoming what his mother always feared: better than her. The Supreme has also become better than any restorative care, Bella's transformation into a vampire in Breaking Dawn II It is nothing compared: even the most beautiful eyes first stabbed return. If until the last episode there was some doubt about the suitability of Cordelia as the Supreme, his final scenes will sweep away: seems born to be.

And Fiona I confirm. Just she, rendered unrecognisable by disease, but still able to live his last moments. The Goode was not die at the hands of the Axeman – then he did absolutely nothing in the series – it was all a trick to show up once it was revealed the next Supreme. At the bottom of Fiona has always known that his heir was his daughter, She understood from the moment she put in the world-still zero news on fatherhood, We will stay with this question – for her Cordelia was "a constant reminder of my worst fears" not only as the Supreme, But even as a woman, He sees in the daughter only a beautiful young rival, While she is aging inexorably. A mother-daughter relationship that would fit the protagonist of every talk tv. The imminent end makes Fiona mother sincere as ever in his life, giving us a touching moment that we had tasted only when Delia was in hospital. A side of her that in part allows you to reassess and try a mild penalty when we discover how much his personal hell: spend eternity with the Axeman – leaving each musical poetry to become a creep volgarotto, Oh, not really a big change – in a country Tavern. A living hell!

The cabal is ready for a new life, Supreme driven with the help of the only surviving witches season: Queenie and Zoe. If the first had very little space in the final, the black widow made us live the most traumatic moment of the series, When she died, was impaled on a spike of gate. Unsurprisingly Madison refuses to bring her back to ward off any possible obstacle to his coronation, choice that was sentenced to death at the hands of Kyle: his character will have done little, but when he acted has centered on target. "Hollywood" has done everything to get hate and we succeeded perfectly, nor the last words confidential by Kyle – "You're not that good an actress" nor the fate of his body as a doll of Spalding arouse pity for her. On the other hand I loved the portrayal of Emma Roberts – without forgetting his outfit – that if I associate the character of Jill in Scream 4 risks becoming one of my favorites. Zoe can now live his love with Kyle – who takes the role he had in school – the two Spalding deserved more space: as much as you hoped in their happy ending, some images to understand the growth of their history wouldn't hurt.

The test of Seven Wonders proves lethal for Misty, that does not survive the descent into hell; a fairly common Hell, who has never had the nightmare to come back in the classroom? An end that is not surprising considering his mental instability. We leave Myrtle that voluntary report on the death of his colleagues of the Council not to tarnish the start of Office of his choice with a Myrtle-gate. Not all go spontaneously burned for the second time and scream like last word French fashion label, "Balenciaga". But Myrtle has always been the Queen of style, even when exchanging the eyes!

Meanwhile Cordelia as a first act of his reign brings the Coven in the 21st century – perhaps better said in the 20th – attracting potential new students through a tv interview, with which reveals to the world the existence of witches. And’ a shame that the series will end here, It would have been interesting to see the reaction in the face of this new reality. Leave a little’ bad taste in my mouth like the finale of Heroes, with Claire (Hayden Panettiere) which flows from the Ferris wheel to show the cameras that have the power of cellular regeneration. The long line of new would-be witches before the school resembles that of tate in front of the House of Mr. Banks, the unforgettable number 17 viale dei Ciliegi, but the arrival of Mary Poppins to outperform every competitor.

In addition to the reminder of the world's most famous nanny, of particular note are also the beginning style Glee – much better than the Glee current – with the return of Stevie Nicks and the reference to Leonardo Da Vinci's last supper, of which the author could only be Myrtle.

A third very nice series, I preferred the previous and disturbing traits typical of where American Horror Story were finely tuned with reflections on different themes – from racism to the role of women, hypocrisy at the mother-daughter relationship – showing how things you believe are always overcome. I can't not mention Kathy Bates I found absolutely wonderful, for both his performance and for his character.

American Horror Story greets us, While already outputs are the sneak peeks on the topic of next season, It will be called Freak Show and will revolve around one of the latest freak show of United States. Ryan Murphy ensures that much of the cast is already confirmed, Although still there are news regarding Taissa Farmiga and Gabourey Sidibe, I really hope they come back. So let us prepare, the show will begin in a few months!



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