Arrow, Stephen Amell Stardust to challenge WWE Summerslam – News

After months of sniping by video and Twitter, Stephen Amell and Stardust you are finally addressed in the latest episode of ’ Raw, an encounter/clash that marked the entrance of actor ’ ’ in the ring for the next WWE pay per view, SummerSlam.

Its presence to the bet, aired on Monday night, was announced, suggesting an inevitable face-to-face between the protagonist of Arrow and the WWE Superstars; but I hadn't reckoned neither Amell input ’ in the ring nor his request to fight in SummerSlam against the wrestler. But after the umpteenth ’ provocation by the last ’, the actor ’ jumped into the ring – with an enviable agility ’ – and started to hit Stardust, being blocked by security. But Stephen Amell didn't stop here, He asked with insistence to Triple H to declare a match for SummerSlam: on the night of 23 agosto, The Green Arrow in tag team with Neville – whose finishing move is the Red Arrow – will address so Stardust and Barrett King.

A wrestling match is then the end of a feud which began in may at a distance, When Stephen Amell sat in the audience of Raw, earning a look intimidating wrestlers from Stardust. Following this last ’ was not spared in continuous references to the character of the actor ’, While Amell responded via Twitter.


L ’ date with the showdown between Stardust and Arrow is attached to the 23 agosto a SummerSlam – aired on pay-per-view on Sky or on the WWE Network – which this year ’ will last four hours. Doubts remain on the match for the World Heavyweight Championship, but compensates the ’ highly anticipated rematch between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker; and now Arrow vs Stardust only serves to enrich the schedule for the big event of the summer ’ WWE. Who will win? I will try to be impartial, but I must admit that for Stardust I've always had a soft spot.


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