Macchianera Italian Awards 2015

Also this year ’ period has come of the Macchianera Italian Awards, that reward the best of the web in different categories. If you liked some our review, We would like to ask you five minutes of your time to nominate Series’ Anatomy in category “Best Tv Site” (the number 10 the form below) and, If you want, even as “Best Site”.

100 Post! – by R. and S.

Following the traditional custom of every tv series that crosses the finish line of the 100 episodi, Series’ Anatomy celebrates the 100 post with a themed cake! If you have viewers who make the success of a series, are readers who do what a blog: Thanks for reading our first 100 articles!

Liebster Award

First of all,, We would like to thank Wellentheory for the nomination; as everyone says the actors who never win an Oscar (We're with you, Leo!): è un grande onore essere citate nella stessa categoria di questi bravissimi blogger 🙂