Dark Shadows – tonight on tv Italy 1


[Written by Daily News]

The new year is coming and, between concerts and various entertainment, the tv programming now it might be boring for many. But fear not, to save you the evening we think Tim Burton's imaginative with its Dark Shadows. In the middle of the 1700 Mr and Mrs Collins and his son Barnabas set sail for the United States in search of a new life. Twenty years after the small Barnabas grew and became a rich Manor, Nice and playboy. Her life is perfect until he decides to break hearts to Angelique that she gave herself to him. Angelique is indeed a witch and so turns him into a vampire and buried alive. When he wakes up, i 200 years after, Barnabas discovers that life has changed considerably and that his wealth has vanished into thin air. Among the inhabitants of the town there is a successful woman who vaguely reminds him of someone.

The film is funny ironic spirit with which Burton has watered the entire film: the perplexity of Barnabas to find Scooby Doo or strange shots that make it entertaining even more intimate scenes.

In season we also thinks the new family of Barnabas who is now owner of his old dwelling, a family more akin to that of Adams with all annexed oddities and dark secrets. To develop the various gags include a psychiatrist, Dr. Julia Hoffman, the caretaker Willie Loomis and the new tata Victoria.

For fans of the couple Burton-Depp movie is obviously a clear and wonderful opportunity to see Johnny Depp, a thousand faces of various types, Once again with countless layers of makeup and hair. For everyone else it is a movie as another divided into two parts: the first to play all about vampire awakening in an age that doesn't belong, in the second you reveal all the arcane secrets of the family. Movie tonight airs on Italy 1 at 21,10.


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